Golden retriever gets spooked by Halloween decorations; Watch the funny video inside

Golden retriever
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Having a pet can change one’s life, forever. Especially if it is a four-legged fur buddy who has a tiny wagging tail and deep innocent eyes. Yes, we are talking about one of the most loyal and friendly animals to humans, dogs.

Among those comes one of the most soft-hearted and cute breeds from Scotland who loves water and is gentle and loving. Along with being playful, it is also one of the best medium-sized dogs to own for their excessive infectious energy. Yes, we are talking about Golden Retrievers, one of the most intelligent, kind, trustworthy, and confident dogs by temperament.

Golden Retriever Gets Scared by Outdoor Halloween Decorations in Funny Video: Watch

With Halloween’s season around, Mandy a famous Tiktoker took to her social media and posted about her golden retriever reacting to the decorations for Halloween also known as the spooky season.

This adorable dog’s name is Monte and has been seen previously in the TikTok influencer’s posts. She has shared a short clip where the excited retriever runs to her owner, curious to know what the fuss is all about, and then walking up the stairs, finds a large set of skeletons, Jack-O-Lanterns, and other miscellaneous decors in an eerie lighting that scares our fur buddy.

Mandy took to her social media and wrote, “He’s not a fan of spooky season,” she also added “Immediately no,” below that to complete the caption. The comment section starts bustling with comments to adore Monte saying, “Take that baby immediately to Starbucks for a pup cup and take him home,” whereas in another someone says, “I don’t like it either buddy.”

People also hinted at how soft-hearted retrievers can be and some fans say, “Goldens know evil when they see it,” whereas someone gave hilarious comments saying, ย “Goldens are scared of their own shadow.” However, it is always suggested that dogs need to be kept away from uncertainties and changes need to be avoided.

This dog is Terrified of Halloween ๐ŸŽƒ

Though friendly and adjustable they love routine, and consistency and want to be active. Halloween is the season of spooky and haunted elements, which also sometimes involve fireworks shows amidst the trick or treats.

In such a case do ensure all your fur buddies, especially retrievers, are kept safe and away from such sounds as this noise makes them anxious and irritable, as opposed to their natural behavior. Our first reaction to the video was extremely cute and full of awws and laughter, but seeing the fur buddy be frightened and the look of sadness in his innocent eyes, made us all also beware that pranks need to be careful.

While the actual video cannot be embedded and only be accessed through the owner’s account, we have attached a Pop Snippets commentary on the incident. We have also found a Youtube Shorts, which just has been posted by another channel.