Good Girls Season 5: Will we ever get to see another season?

Good Girls Season 5
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Goodness can be defined in multiple ways, one such way can be how nicely you can maintain the illusion of goodness and con someone who has been taking advantage of you. Don’t get us wrong, we won’t divulge into discussing goodness or badness, let’s leave it for the moral people.

Sometimes it’s the “good” people who commit insane or sneaky crimes that might shock people and leave everyone saying, “Oh I thought he or she was a good person who would never do such a thing”. And the implication of this can literally be anything, just like Good Girls.

Good Girls is a TV show that was released on February 26, 2018. The show is about three women, good women who live in suburban America. All three of them are struggling in their own lives. Elizabeth, also known as Beth, has four kids and a cheating husband, Annie is Beth’s younger sister, who became a mom when she was a teenager. She works at a grocery store.

And Ruby is a waitress who is also Beth’s and Annie’s friend who has a daughter who needs medical treatment for kidney problems. These three moms have a lot on their plate clearly, and with things going on in their personal and professional lives, they are definitely exhausted financially as well. That’s when they get an idea to perform a bank heist, oh no wait, a “grocery store” heist, to end their financial struggles.

Good girls season 5, is it renewed or cancelled?
Credit: NBC

The story was so well-received by the audience that the series ran for 4 seasons and people still wanted more. So, if you, too are looking for whether we will have Good Girls Season 5 or not, here are all the details.

Is there a Good Girls Season 5?

Right now there is no official update on the show’s renewal for Season 5 but the Internet and the show’s fan base is definitely not done with the show. Some of the fans took to social media to express their desire for a new season.

While others expressed that they want to see more of Rio and Beth exploring their relationship in season 5.


Thus, official or not, it is clear that fans of the show really want Good Girls Season 5 but the makers are yet to confirm about its renewal which looks unlikely.

What can Good Girls Season 5 explore?

Good Girls Season 5 can pick up where it was left off in season 4. A possible open-ended conclusion left many of the viewers wanting more. The word is that there are mixed emotions among fans of the show. There is a chance that Season 5 would focus on Beth and Rio’s relationship, and how she is handling the power that has been bestowed on her.

Annie was seen in handcuff in the finale, so we might get to see how she is navigating the aftermath of her arrest. Ruby, on the other hand, is in a tough situation of choosing either her family or her life in Michigan. So, if it happens, Good Girls Season 5 will probably explain Ruby’s decision as well as what happened with her.

Good Girls Season 5

*Spoilers Ahead*

Good Girls Season 4 Recap

The story takes up with Beth thinking about starting a hot tub business so that she can ease out her money-laundering system. The final episode of Season 4 kind of became a conclusion for the series. The finale shows us that Beth wins the city council election and starts giving evidence that implicates Rio’s Nick position in relation to criminal activities.

Beth’s husband Dean and Ruby’s husband Stan are stuck in another trouble because of Vance. In all of this, Mick meets Beth unexpectedly and shoots her. This ending itself became a shock factor in the final season. However, later in the episode, there is a flash-forward in Nevada where we can see Beth.

So it’s fine in the “good girlsville” as it was a failed assassination. Ruby and Stan are figuring out new jingles for their new nail salon which they have named after their daughter Sara and Annie is living with Ben and Kevin in the RV. But old problems catch up with the group as Sara’s kidney problems get worse, which leaves Ruby with financial troubles again. Ben also gets bullied by his transphobic classmates. And Beth comes to a realization that she cannot escape her criminal past and start afresh.

Good Girls Season 5

After Mick’s attempt to kill Beth, the trio finds out that Mick’s assassination attempt wasn’t actually meant to kill Beth. As he left the gun he used to shoot her at the crime scene. The same gun with which Lucy was killed in season 3.  

While it is thought that Beth might be framed for Lucy’s murder, Annie takes care of it and asks Mick not to frame her. But in the future, Annie gets arrested for shooting Beth due to “sibling rivalry”.  On the other hand, Ruby is in a crisis as she has to decide on whether to leave Beth in all this mess or watch her family leave. In the final scene, we see Beth meeting Rio after having abandoned her plans to move to Nevada.

Good Girls Cast

Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland

Retta as Ruby Hill, Beth’s best friend

Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Ruby’s husband

Manny Montana as Christopher, also known as Rio

Isaiah Stannard as Ben Marks, Annie’s and Gregg’s son

Zack Gilford as Gregg

Matthew Lilliard as Dean Boland, Beth’s husband

Where to watch Good girls?

You can watch all four seasons of Good Girls on Netflix. Season 4 has 16 episodes. Watch the trailer of Good Girls Season 4. 

Good Girls Season 4 Trailer (HD)