Gordon Ramsay says being a father of 6 kids was always ‘the dream’

Gordon Ramsay
Credits: Hell’s Kitchen/Fox

Gordon Ramsay revealed that having six children with his wife, Tana Ramsay, was always “the dream” in a recent interview. In a surprising announcement last year, the couple welcomed their sixth child, son Jesse James.

In response to a query about their family size raised by Entertainment Tonight, the chef, 57, expressed, “That was the dream. That was the dream we first set out.” Their newest addition, Jesse James, was born in November 2023, joining the Ramsay family alongside their five other children: 25-year-old daughter Megan, 24-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 22-year-old daughter Matilda “Tilly,” and 4-year-old son Oscar.


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Gordon Ramsay hopes for a day off soon

In his recent interview, Ramsay candidly shared the challenges of managing his time now that he’s a father of six, humorously expressing his anticipation of a possible day off. Jokingly, he remarked, “Honestly, the holidays is the worst time for any chef because we go to the restaurant, it’s super busy.”

“You go back home. It’s super busy. And the Ramsay household is like running a restaurant where no one goes home,” he added. Describing the constant hustle, Ramsay elaborated, “Breakfast, lunch and dinner. ‘Dad, can we have that prime rib tonight?’ We just finished lunch! Can you give me a minute?!’ You’re never off, honestly.”


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Is Ramsay open to the idea of having a seventh child?

While speaking to People, Ramsay shared an amusing account of when his son Oscar suggested expanding their family further by having a seventh child. Ramsay recounted the moment, saying, “This morning, Oscar said, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if Jesse and I had a little sister?’ And I spat my Cheerios out. So yeah, I had to get up from the table and walk away.”

Despite his being surprised, it seems that the TV chef might be open to the idea of having a seventh child. Ramsay humorously revealed, “I didn’t wait to see Tana’s reaction. I literally coughed my Cheerios out all over the table. So yeah, listen, who knows, right?”

Ramsay revealed a valuable parenting tip

During his interview with People, Ramsay also expressed being “incredibly lucky” with his kids. On his show, “Last Meals,” in an episode from earlier this month, the cooking host shared a valuable parenting tip for successfully raising six children.

He revealed that he has advised his kids “not to deal with fame, fortune, money,” emphasizing the importance of hard work. Ramsay has actively encouraged them to save their earnings. He continued, “They got to stay true to their form by saving every dollar. and so when you start that practice, at sort of 10, 11, 12, 13, they got their part-time jobs, all of a sudden their minds are focused about their career paths. And so yeah, that was the opposite way that I grew up. They are super disciplined and they are on it, man.”