GOT7 makes a massive comeback with NANANA from their self-titled album

Credit: YouTube

The seven boys have listened to their fans’ wishes and finally fulfilled them by making one of the biggest comebacks ever! Yes, we are talking about the GOT7 members Jackson, Jay B, Young Jae, Jinyoung, Mark, Yugyeom, and Bambam here. Well, all of them have returned with a flourishing new home, and we can’t wait for the tour. So, the popular K-pop group has finally released a mini-album with the title track NANANA.


The brand new music video is everything that it promises to be and is sure to win the hearts of music lovers. It displays the authentic sense of the K-pop band GOT7 as the members build a whole new abode for themselves. They also welcome all their fans to a new beginning as the latter get introduced to their vibrant selves. The entire song is heartfelt, bright, and all-consuming – just like the GOT7 members wished for it to be earlier. For the unversed, NANANA features at number three on the mini-album tracklist and is all about homely feels and a burst of blossoms all around.

The set for the song itself is very much vibrant and cheerful. It is reminiscent of the days that the members of the K-pop group have spent together till now, and the thoughts of the coming future given as a responsibility to all the members themselves. The GOT7 members also look stunning dressed in chic outfits and meet up to the expectations of the fans as their idols.

About the song’s story

NANANA is an ode to the journey that the GOT7 members had so far, and it also includes some healing words directed toward the group’s fans. For the unversed, Jay B has written and composed bits of the now popular track with amazing pop beats and a long-desired theme.

Check out the video below.


The GOT7 members had earlier released their much-anticipated tracklist for their upcoming mini-album on May 12, 2022, at 8.30 pm IST. Now for the unversed, this particular album is self-titled and so the name is obviously GOT7! It was scheduled for release on May 23, 2022, at 2.30 pm IST and now that we can see it, the title track NANANA is already out! The same album will include a total number of six tracks that are NANANA, Drive Me to The Moon, TWO, TRUTH, Don’t Care About Me, and Don’t Leave Me Alone.

Check out the tracklist below.