Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: When will it come to Netflix?

Grey's Anatomy Season 18
Credits: ABC

When is Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 coming to Netflix?

“The human life is made up of choices. Yes or no. In or out. Up or down. Live or die. Hero or coward. Fight or give in. I’ll say it again to make sure you hear me. The human life is made up of choices. Live or die. That’s the important choice. And it’s not always in our hands.” —Derek Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy, Season 6, “Death and All His Friends”

One of the countless lessons that Grey’s Anatomy gave us in the eighteen seasons that have been on air since 2005. And since then, it hasn’t left a single stone unturned to make itself one of the most popular television shows around the globe . The viewership increased drastically since the show got a green flag on Netflix. With the Season 18 currently airing, fans have been speculating when the said season will hit the streaming platform.

Grey's Anatomy Season 18
Credits: ABC / Hulu / Shondaland

Here’s everything we know about Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 and its possible arrival on Netflix:

When will Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 be on Netflix US?

The arrival of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 on Netflix is extremely predictable based on the consistent schedule of the series. For a few years now, the seasons have been arriving on Netflix in the months of May, June and July and almost a month after it finishes airing. So, if the schedule stays the same then one can expect it to hit Netflix US sometime in June or July 2022. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Trailer

Grey’s Anatomy premiered with a crossover episode with Station 19 Season 5. Following is the trailer of the same. Do check it out:

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 & Station 19 Season 5 Premiere Crossover Event Trailer (HD)

How many episodes are there in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18?

There are 20 episodes in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 in total. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Plot

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy focused on the recent Covid -19 pandemic and the chaos it created in the world as well as in the hospital premises. Each one from the hospital staff has their own drama continuing which will surely be picked up in Season 18 as well. Major comebacks are also expected in the season 18 including Dr. Addison Montgomery and Dr. Megan Hunt. Season 18 will see Dr. Meredith’s journey after surviving Covid and whatever  she figures out regarding her personal and professional wants. 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Cast

Grey's Anatomy Season 18
Credits: ABC / Hulu / Shondaland
  • Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey
  • Chandra Wilson as Dr. Miranda Bailey
  • James Pickens Jr. as Dr. Richard Webber
  • Kevin McKidd as Dr. Owen Hunt
  • Caterina Scorsone as Dr. Amelia Shepherd
  • Camilla Luddington as Dr. Jo Wilson
  • Kelly McCreary as Dr. Maggie Pierce
  • Kim Raver as Dr. Teddy Altman
  • Jake Borelli as Dr. Levi Schmitt
  • Chris Carmack as Dr. Atticus “Link” Lincoln
  • Richard Flood as Dr. Cormac Hayes
  • Anthony Hill as Dr. Winston Ndugu
  • Scott Speedman as Dr. Nick Marsh
  • Abigail Spencer as Dr. Megan Hunt
  • Lynn Chen as Dr. Michelle Lin
  • Alex Landi as Dr. Nico Kim
  • Melissa DuPrey as Dr. Sara Ortiz
  • Peter Gallagher as Dr. David Hamilton
  • Jaicy Elliot as Dr. Taryn Helm
  • E.R. Fightmaster as Dr. Kai Bartley
  • Zaiver Sinnett as Dr. Zander Perez
  • Sylvia Kwan as Dr. Mabel Tseng
  • Robert I. Mesa as Dr. James Chee
  • Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery
  • Jason George as Dr. Ben Warren
  • Stefania Spampinato as Dr. Carina DeLuca
  • Greg Tarzan Davis as Dr. Jordan Wright
  • Debbie Allen as Dr. Catherine Fox
Grey's Anatomy Season 18
Credits: ABC / Hulu / Shondaland

When will the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 release?

Episode 17, I’ll Cover You, is all set to release on May 12, 2022, on ABC. You can also stream it on Hulu.

Will Grey’s Anatomy leave Netflix US?

Though Disney has pulled the said series from multiple countries, it doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere from Netflix US for the foreseeable future. 

What else is there on Netflix from Shondaland?

Shonda Rhimes’ production house named Shondaland has some pretty amazing titles to its name. The biggest one came out recently, Bridgerton, a period drama based in London. Both the seasons of the series are available on Netflix to stream. Two more shows with a considerable amount of following are Inventing Anna and How to Get Away with Murder. They too are available on the said streaming platform.