Gwen Stefani breaks down during Blake Shelton’s speech at Walk of Fame Star Ceremony

Gwen Stefani tears up during Blake Shelton's speech at her Walk of Fame Star Ceremony: 'My Best Friend'
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Throughout her solo pop career, which started back in 2004 with her debut studio album, “Love, Angel, Music, Baby,” the iconic singer and songwriter has made a name for herself by conquering the music industry and setting a perfect example by being the ideal role model for countless individuals around the world, which can be evaluated by all her achievements.

Recently, Stefani gained another triumph to her credit and hard work as she joined the ranks of some of the most prominent figures within the entertainment industry by receiving her well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On Thursday, during the star-studded ceremony, she celebrated the honor of joining the elite club of exactly 2,764 artists and icons who are forever memorialized on the streets of Los Angeles, alongside her three sons, and her present husband, Blake Shelton, whom she married at a chapel on July 3, 2021, at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch.

Emotions ran high when the “Rich Girl” singer was joined to the stage by her husband, Blake Shelton, who took the mic to address the crowd as tears started welling up in her eyes when he started praising her wife’s long-lasting career and her devotion to her kids. “She wasn’t like any other famous person I had ever met before,” Shelton, 47, said of meeting his now-wife in 2014. “It was clear to me that she was a mother first and foremost before anything else in the world. That was her No. 1 job.”

He went on to call Stefani “one of the greatest stars in the world.”

The nine-time Grammy Award-nominated country music singer also added, “In my opinion, Gwen is the perfect person to receive a star on the walk of fame. From music, television and movies to fashion and beauty. She was risen to the top over and over again with her unique style that has made the world fall in love with her — not as much as me though.”

He continued to count, “And then there’s that one thing that no one could ever explain. It’s that thing that she was born with that will make you stop and go, ‘Wait. Who is that? What’s her name? What does she do? Why do I love her already? What the hell?’ That’s the thing that God gives you and without question, God gave Gwen an extra scoop of it.”

“You deserve this and I love you,” he said to conclude his speech before leaning over and giving her wife a big hug and congratulating her once again. 

Later, as the ceremony advanced, Stefani accepted her well-deserved award, took pictures with her family, and continued to thank everyone who had helped her build her illustrious career, including the producers and executives in the music industry, her kids, her parents, and especially her brother, Eric, who founded their band No Doubt. About Shelton, she said that the moment they met, she felt at home.


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The “Hollaback Girl” singer also thanked Irving Azoff for encouraging her to work on The Voice, where she met her husband, who has also been a coach on the televised singing competition where a member of his team won, quote:

“If I didn’t have The Voice and I didn’t have Irving I wouldn’t have met my best friend, my husband Blake Shelton.” She also proclaimed her love by stating, “I love you so much. You have given me the kind of love I never knew before. The minute I met you I knew I was home and I’m so so proud that you’re mine. I can’t believe it.”

Moreover, speaking to PEOPLE, Stefani opened up about the “surreal” feeling of earning her very own star, quote, “It’s such a weird and iconic thing that you always know about your whole life, but to be part of that [and] to be cemented in that is just like, ‘What?'” Stefani told PEOPLE magazine exclusively.

“It’s impossible to actually take it in. I just feel so lucky to be able to be a songwriter and write music and have songs that actually help me with my life and I guess help other people at the same time. Like an exchange of love. All these years of being able to do that is surreal.”

A few hours ago, Stefani also shared some pictures from the ceremony for her 17.3M followers on her Instagram handle, quoting, “what a dream !! thank u SO much @hwdwalkoffame + @warnerbrostv + Irving Azoff, Jimmy Iovine, and of course, @blakeshelton who would have thought this girl from Anaheim would have her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame thank u for walking this journey with me, singing with me all these years … i love u !!! Gx” Take a look at the official post below:


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