Hailey Bieber quashes rumors of alleged split with Justin Bieber in THIS way

Justin Bieber
Credit: Instagram

Fans raised concerns about the state of Hailey and Justin Bieber’s marriage when Hailey shared a series of pictures on her Instagram account, excluding any images featuring her husband. Speculations arose as fans wondered if there was trouble in paradise for the power couple.

Hailey’s TikTok Makeup Video: Addressing Split Rumors

Hailey Bieber effectively responded to the rumors surrounding her marriage with Justin through a new TikTok makeup tutorial video. Demonstrating a step-by-step routine for a summery, glowy makeup look, Hailey prominently showcased her engagement ring throughout the video, reassuring fans that her commitment to Justin remains strong.

Squashing Split Rumors: Snuggled Up Picture with Justin Bieber

To further dispel any doubts, Hailey Bieber shared a heartwarming photo on her Instagram story featuring herself, Justin, and their friends in a photo booth. In the cozy snapshot, Hailey and Justin appeared happy as they snuggled close to each other. Alongside the picture, Hailey expressed birthday wishes to their friend and highlighted her favorite thing about them.

The Continuous ‘Hubby’ Support

Hailey Bieber, the founder of the skincare brand Rhode, recently celebrated its one-year anniversary with a glamorous party in New York. The event was filled with friends and supporters, including her husband, Justin Bieber. Hailey stunned in a sparkling Vivienne Westwood Couture dress adorned with Swarovski pink crystals.

Showing his unwavering support, Justin sent Hailey a heartfelt message and bouquet on Rhode’s special milestone. Hailey shared Justin’s gesture on her Instagram story, demonstrating their love and dedication to each other.

Justin Bieber Models for Rhode

In a surprising twist, Justin Bieber himself became a model for Rhode’s latest promotional campaign. The 29-year-old singer can be seen holding Rhode’s new Glazing Milk product while striking a pose. Sporting a vibrant sweatshirt, upside-down sunglasses, and a bucket hat, Justin exudes a playful vibe that complements the brand’s aesthetic.

Hailey Bieber Joins the Campaign

Not to be outdone, Hailey Bieber also participated in the Glazing Milk campaign, showcasing her flawless beauty and elegance. Posing with the product, which cleverly resembles a milk carton, Hailey opted for an all-black ensemble and a sleek bun.