Hailey Bieber reveals she suffered from a mini stroke, underwent a heart procedure

Hailey Bieber
Credit: Instagram

Hailey Bieber is in the news again, but this time, it has made the fans worry about her. The American model was hospitalized last month following an incident that caused a blood clot in her brain. It was only recently that she addressed her hospitalization and gave an update on her recovery to all the fans waiting on social media. Now, Hailey has explained in a new YouTube video about the condition she suffered from all this while.


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What exactly happened?

Hailey Bieber has recently shared a new post on Instagram and a video on her YouTube channel that is titled ‘telling my story.’ The model is seen explaining in the video how she was hospitalized a month earlier and also told the story to the fans about the sufferings she went through during that period.

As revealed by Hailey, the ‘scary incident’ happened on March 10, 2022. The model further explained how she felt a weird sensation traveling from her shoulder to her fingertips while having breakfast with Justin Bieber. She also said that she was unable to respond as Bieber asked her if she was okay.

The mini-stroke

Hailey further revealed that they headed to the emergency room, where she underwent a stroke test after having answered some simple questions. She scored a zero on the test. The model further explained that the people out there did some scans and revealed that she suffered from a small blood clot in her brain which is called TIA. Hailey also said that it was like a mini-stroke. However, she further added that her body was able to respond quickly and that she did not have more issues.

The reason

Hailey Bieber said that she underwent thorough testing after the incident. So, the blood clot happened in her brain because of taking birth control pills, her earlier COVID-19 diagnosis, and a long flight from Paris and back within a short time.

The heart issue

The American model revealed in the same video about having a Grade 5 PFO, because of which she had to undergo a heart procedure. She concluded the video by stating that she felt great and thanked the doctors and medical professionals who helped her recover from the same. She further stated that she would be able to move on from the really scary situation that she faced in her life.

Justin Bieber’s reaction

Justin Bieber also spoke about his wife Hailey’s medical emergency during his performance on the Justice World Tour. He talked about how people cannot control their lives and that it’s crazy how life randomly throws curveballs.

Check out Hailey Bieber’s video below.