Hailey Bieber sports Mean Girls costume for Halloween

Hailey Bieber
Credits: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Cue the fetch quotes from Mean Girls because it is Halloween, and Hailey Bieber went all out with her Mean Girls costume.

People reported that the model, 26, flaunted the grand finale for all her Halloween costumes this year on Instagram. “She doesn’t even go here! 👻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN. ✨,” Bieber captioned underneath her costume, paying homage to the iconic teen dramedy of 2004 that is still true to its rage, even 19 years since its arrival.

The cover photo on her two-picture Instagram post features her recreating the cover photo of Lindsay Lohan against a pink backdrop, looking back at her co-stars Amanda Seyfried, Rachel McAdams, and Lacey Chabert. Incidentally, Bieber imitated all four characters for Halloween this year!

Bieber rocked red hair as Lohan in a red, mid-length henley top and dark denim jeans, standing towards the front of the frame. In the distance, the socialite reappeared as all three members of The Plastics. Each of them wore a mini skirt, per People reports.

The shoot’s famous photographer, Amber Asaly, commented underneath the post, imitating an iconic line from the movie, “I saw Hailey Bieber wearing Rhode lip [balm] . so I bought Rhode lip balm,” but in Bieber’s cosmetic company reference. The movie version referenced the same when student Bethany Byrd became somewhat obsessed with Lohan’s character’s sudden popularity, saying, “I saw Cady Heron wearing Army pants and flip-flops, so I bought Army pants and flip-flops.”

The next slide showed the Rhode founder in an edition of the iconic ‘Burn Book’ from the movie, where the Plastics glued pictures of people and wrote nasty mean things about them below their picture. Bieber placed herself as the subject of that book and wrote the following words straight from the movie. “This girl is the nastiest skank b—- I’ve ever met. Do not trust HER! She is a fugly slut!” was written in red ink with a photo of Bieber that included devil horns and a mustache drawn onto her face.

Her line of splendid Halloween costumes does not end here. People reported a Monday Instagram post by the business owner, where she wore nothing but a matching lace bra set and tennis shoes and posed on a lawn while running her hands through her hair as a sprinkler doused her with water. She inhabited Carmen Electra’s Drew Decker from her iconic role in Scary Movie, 2000, which was an amalgamated spoof of all horror flicks wrapped into one.

Bieber shared images of herself on the phone inside of a house, as well as pictures with fake blood over her left breast, imitating the scene from the movie where she was home alone and received a call from the film’s killer, Ghostface asking her “Do you like scary movies? What’s your favorite?” thereafter which Electra is chased by Ghostface and then stabbed in the chest, which ruptures her silicone breast implant.

Over the weekend, husband and wife Justin and Hailey Bieber showed up at the Vas J. Morgan and Michael Braun’s Halloween Party in Los Angeles where they matched outfits as the Flinstones.