Halle Bailey finally reveals the reason behind keeping her pregnancy a secret

Credits: Halle Bailey/ Instagram

Halle Bailey has finally opened up about the reason behind keeping her pregnancy a secret!

The new mom took to her Snapchat this week to interact with her fans and answer some of their questions, when she said that the reason behind keeping her pregnancy a secret was that she “just wanted to make sure (she) had a beautiful, private, healthy time” throughout this phase. Bailey welcomed a baby boy in December 2023 and named him Halo.

During the interaction, she also thanked her admirers for being “so kind and understanding,” with her decision “to wait to share something this sacred and beautiful.” She also answered a fan who asked how she managed to deal with “blogs and cameras” as she wanted to keep her pregnancy hidden by saying, “Honestly I stayed off of all social media. I really tried to just keep myself sane and I know that there was a lot of people who would always comment and be like, ‘We know girl, we know’. And I’m like, ‘OK, that’s great that you know, but I’m just going to chill.’”

Later in the Q&A session with her fans, addressing the question of a pregnant woman, who asked her how she was able to gather the energy to attend award shows and media events during this time, Halle said, “I think for me, I just realized I think it was helpful for me to be able to still be working and have something to promote, like the beautiful film I was a part of,” talking about her movie, “The Color Purple,” which premiered on December 25, 2023. “It just helps my brain and to feel sane … there’s a lot of emotional vulnerability that you experience going through all of that,” the star further added.

The pregnancy assumptions first sparked when the singer attended the MTV Video Music Awards in a flowy orange-coloured dress. Viewers assumed that she picked the outfit to hide her pregnancy. As per the reports obtained by Page Six, an insider claimed that “Halle stayed away from the pink carpet so she would not be photographed, and when she was inside, she was very mindful in the way she gave hugs, and who she gave them to.”

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Credits: Halle Bailey/ Instagram

The speculations got stronger when the star walked the red carpet in a poofy black dress at London’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards in October 2023.

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Credits: Halle Bailey/ Instagram

She then wore a red ruffled dress at the premiere of “The Color Purple,” after which the fans were pretty sure that she’s trying to hide a baby.

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Credits: Halle Bailey/ Instagram

And then finally on January 7, Bailey took to her Instagram to announce the birth of her little baby boy, whom she shares with her rapper boyfriend, DDG. The singer shared an adorable picture of DDG and herself holding the tiny hand of their baby, who’s wearing a gold bracelet with “Halo” engraved on it in capital letters. “Even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me, was bring me my son.. welcome to the world my halo 🥰👼🏽 ✨,” she captioned the wholesome post.

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Credits: Halle Bailey/ Instagram