Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?
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Is Harry Wild returning for another season? Continue reading to find out more about Harry Wild Season 2. 

Harry Wild is an Irish mystery thriller series that follows a recently retired English professor who discovers a real knack for investigation and cannot help but interfere with the cases assigned to her police detective son. After the premiere of Harry Wild Season 1, the reception and reviews received from the audience and critics made it easy for the network to continue the series for another season who loved the plot and character arcs in the series. 

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

So, the question about season two is an immediate thought in the viewer’s mind, and it appears that the holdup for the fans won’t last too long now because we have some great news to share! Harry Wild Season 2 will be available on Acorn TV much sooner than you might think. We’ve complied with all the information about the upcoming season. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the release date, plot, and cast, so you can get a head start on the next installment and be prepared before the series airs on the platform. 

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Harry Wild Season 2 Release Date and Episodes

Yes, it is official! Acorn TV has finally renewed the series for a second season this year. The exact release date for the upcoming season is yet to be revealed by the network as the renewal announcement was made recently, which makes it way too early for any network to disclose such information. On the bright side, it is officially confirmed that the Anglo-centric streamer said that Harry Wild delivered its most successful premiere week in its history when it launched in April. It will return in 2023 with another eight episodes.


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Harry Wild Season 2 Plot

There is no word on what the plot of Harry Wild Season 2 will entail, but several key plotlines have indicated possible scenarios and directions in which the series may go if renewed. The series is expected to continue from the finale episode of Harry Wild Season 1, titled as, No One Here Gets Out Alive, which was released on 30 July 2022. The episode is directed by Rob Burk. In the episode, the viewers got to see that Zoe McCann is a recovering addict fighting each day to slay her demons; when she is abducted only to wake up in a forest wearing a vintage ballgown, her sanity and resolve are pushed to the limit.

All of the previous episodes have set the tone for the season, which will develop and expand in ways that will entice viewers to watch the show. On the other hand, the next season may change its course and take a completely different direction. It will be interesting to see how they deal with this added pressure and introduce something new to the series for a satisfactory conclusion. The viewers need to just wait for some time as all these details will be released by the network as the release date draws close. 

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Harry Wild Season 2 Cast and Crew

There has been no official news about any new cast members being added to the series. For the time being, it is likely that several of the main cast members from season one will reprise their roles if the show is renewed. The main cast members are listed below: 

  • Jane Seymour as Harry Wild
  • Kevin Ryan as Charlie Wild
  • Rohan Nedd as Fergus Reid
  • Ciara O’Callaghan as Vivan Maynard Thackeray
  • Stuart Graham as Ray Tiernan
  • Rose O’Neill as Lola Wild
  • Danielle Ryan as Vicky Boyle
  • Anthony Delaney as Jordan MacDonald

The cast also includes Stuart Graham and Amy Huberman. It is produced by Dynamic Television, created and written by David Logan, and exec produced by Seymour, Daniel March, Klaus Zimmermann, James Gibb, Morgan O’Sullivan, and James Flynn. Acorn Media Enterprises co-produces.

Harry Wild Season 2 may introduce some new cast members as well as the withdrawal of some existing characters too. As a result, we’ll have to wait for any further information, which will be given if the series is formally confirmed, to return to screens for the next part. 

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Harry Wild Season 1: A Quick Recap

In the show, Seymour plays Harriet “Harry” Wild, a retiring professor of literature who is at a turning point in her life. After being startled by a mugging in season one, Harry grudgingly agrees to recover at the house of her son Charlie, a senior police investigator played by Kevin Ryan. Harry speaks his mind, despite Charlie’s family’s best efforts to put up with his strange behavior.

Harry begins to get involved in her son’s particularly puzzling murder case, despite Charlie’s adamant protests and cautions when she realizes the perpetrator used a plot device from an obscure Elizabethan play. She discovers a new desire for life after catching the killer by putting herself in danger in the process.

Fergus, Harry’s protege, and the aforementioned mugger, played by Rohan Nedd, is a disturbed adolescent who Harry sees as having enormous potential while others see merely a criminal. The two of them are always looking for new mysteries to solve. Since Charlie requires nothing less than his mother’s generating trouble at work, Harry’s proficiency in her new hobby puts her in a direct conflict with Charlie.

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Harry Wild Official Trailer

The network has not released any trailer or promo for Harry Wild Season 2, as it is way too early for the network to release such promo material when a renewal update has been provided recently. New trailers and teasers will be released in the coming weeks as the premiere dates draw closer. Meanwhile, check out this official trailer for Harry Wild Season 1 below:

Acorn TV Original | Harry Wild | Official Trailer

In the trailer, the viewers get glimpses of the Emmy-winning actress Jane Seymour stars as Harriet “Harry” Wild, a recently retired English professor who finds herself at a crossroads after she is the victim of a mugging and agrees to recover in the home of her son, a  police detective.

Once under his roof, Harry starts to interfere in her son’s murder investigation, noticing similarities to an obscure play. When her path crosses with her mugger, Fergus Reid (Rohan Nedd, Whitstable Pearl), rather than turn him in, Harry enlists him as her sidekick, and they set off to catch the killer.

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Where to stream Harry Wild?

When available to stream Harry Wild Season 2 along with the first season will be streaming on AMC+ Amazon Channel and Acorn TV Amazon Channel. The viewers can also watch all the prior seasons by renting or purchasing on the streaming platforms, allowing viewers to watch new episodes based on location and membership plans, which they select based on their preferences. 

Harry Wild Season 2: Is the series renewed by Acorn TV?

Catch up on the previous season while you wait for more Harry Wild Season 2 updates.