Health benefits of choosing black salt over white salt

Credits: Pexels

One thing that our bodies always require in the proper amounts is salt. While too much salt will quickly raise your blood pressure, too little sodium will immediately lead to an electrolyte imbalance. Whether we like it or not, salt adds an extra spice to our dish, and no food is complete without it.

Table salt, which is white in color, is the most common salt used worldwide. But did you know about black salt, which is far more beneficial for our health? Black salt offers a lot of advantages. Black salt is thought to have its origins in long-standing Indian custom. Indians have long believed black salt to have medicinal properties for the body.


Though black salt is well known in India, it is typically divided into three types around the world, Himalayan Rock Salt, Black Ritual Salt, and Black Lava Salt.

Black lava salt: This salt is Hawaiian in origin and has an earthy flavor. It is frequently sprinkled on foods at last because it is recognized for giving them a smokey flavor.

Black Ritual Salt: Made from a mixture of sea salt, charcoal, ashes, and other artificial black pigments, this kind of salt is generally not used for cooking purposes. This salt is generally used as a custom or belief of certain people, or some refer to it as a superstitious purpose. Witches salt is another name for it.

Black lava salt: The most popular salt type is black Himalayan salt because of its rich, savory flavor. Along with having therapeutic benefits, it also lends the food an earthy flavor.

Some advantages of using black salt in our daily consumption:

Good for digestion

diahrea 2Black salt facilitates the liver’s synthesis of bile, which aids in digestion. Additionally, it aids in increasing the small intestine’s absorption activities.

Improves muscles health

Black salt is beneficial to health due to its high potassium concentration. Potassium aids in reducing muscle contractions and promotes healthy muscle function.

Improves heart health

heartBlack salt thins the blood and may be beneficial for those with cholesterol problems. However, excessive consumption of black salt is not advised for people suffering from health issues like high blood pressure.

Full of nutrients

The body gains enormous benefits from black salt by receiving vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and even iron.

Gives relief from bloating and heartburn


Bloating and heartburn sufferers should incorporate black salt in their daily diets. This is due to the fact that black salt aids in regulating acid levels and reflux problems.

Gives relief from constipation

It is well known that black salt is beneficial to your digestive system. Black salt is considered to produce a simple and quick home treatment to relieve constipation.

Good for skin


The benefits of black salt for the skin include its high mineral content, which is advantageous to the skin. Black salt can also work as a DIY skin hack to heal cracked skin, just put little black salt in the affected area and rinse off with lukewarm water for a better result.