When is Heartland Season 14 coming to Netflix?

Heartland Season 14

Revenge is like biting the dog cause the dog bites you. It’s a waste of energy and all ya get’s a mouthful of hair.” Sounds very much like straight talk but makes the sense of the world, isn’t that very Heartland-like?

Good news for the Heartland fans, Heartland Season 14 is all set to hit Netflix, and trust us when we say it is going to be up really soon. Heartland is a Canadian comedy-drama that follows Amy Fleming and her older sister Lou Fleming and the ups and downs of their lives on their family ranch. 

Created by Murray Shostak and executive produced by Heather Conkie, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Michael Weinberg, the show has been able to create quite a following for itself in the past fifteen years. 

Now, with Heartland Season 14 being around the corner, here’s everything to know about it?

When is Heartland Season 14 coming to Netflix?

heartland season 14

Heartland Season 14 will be released on Netflix US on April 1, 2022.

How many episodes will be there in Heartland Season 14?

Season 14 of Heartland has a total of 10 episodes. 

Heartland Season 14 Trailer

The trailer portrays Amy and Ty’s beautiful relationship and their adorable daughter whom they wish the world for. But tragedy spares no one and it dawned upon Amy the very same way when she lost Ty in a sudden accident leaving her to be a single mother. The season will cast light on Amy’s efforts and challenges as a single parent while handling the responsibilities of the ranch and the horses she adores just so much.

The trailer also shows the cracks in the interpersonal relationships of the protagonist which are very much evident in the shots. What’s there to see is how Amy will deal with it and bounce back for her daughter and those who are dependent on her. 

Heartland Season 14 Extended Trailer | Heartland

Heartland Season 14 Plot

The story follows Amy Fleming and her older sister Louise “Lou” Fleming and their roller-coaster ride kind of life on ‘Heartland’, their family ranch. The sister duo lives with their maternal grandfather, Jack Bartlett. When their mother dies, their estranged father, Tim shows up.

He was cast out by Jack for being an alcoholic but was reluctantly accepted back later. Another important part of the story is the hired farmhand Ty Borden who becomes much more of a part of the family than being a mere worker. 

In all the knitted relationships and bonds, each member of the family faced their own ups and downs but with everyone else being at their back. It’s not always ‘peace in heaven’ but they manage to sail through and make things work. 

Heartland Season 14 Cast

Heartland Season 14

  • Amber Marshall plays Amy Fleming
  • Michelle Morgan plays Lou Fleming
  • Shaun Johnston plays Jack Bartlett
  • Alisha Newton plays Georgie Fleming-Morris
  • Chris Potter plays Tim Fleming

Is Heartland available on Netflix?

Previous seasons of Heartland are available on Netflix but the number of seasons differs from country to country. 

Where to watch all the seasons of Heartland other than Netflix?

All of the previous seasons are available on Peacock for streaming. Heartland is also available on Amazon Prime Video.