Heartland Season 17: Expected release date, plot, characters that won’t be returning, filming updates and more

Heartland Season 17: Expected release date, plot, characters that won't be returning, filming updates and more
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Attention fans! The reports are true: Heartland will be back to rule the television screens. Continue reading to find out more about Heartland Season 17.

Are you ready to return to the captivating world of Heartland as the beloved series returns for its highly anticipated 17th season? If yes, then we can assure you that the journey into this heartfelt tale of family, love, and the unbreakable bond between humans and horses is going to delve deeper into the lives of the Fleming-Bartlett clan! So, if you are curious to know all the latest details, then you have reached the right place to get all your answers for the upcoming season!

It’s finally time to embark on an emotional journey filled with new challenges and unexpected twists because we have got you covered with all the new updates that will be helpful for you to understand what new developments are happening behind the scenes that have been disclosed by the network so far, which will increase your excitement more than ever! For your convenience, here is everything we know so far about CBC’s Heartland Season 17.

Heartland Season 17: Expected release date, plot, characters that won't be returning, filming updates and more

​Heartland Season 17 Release Date: When is it expected to premiere?

After being renewed for the 17th season, expectations for the release date have skyrocketed all over social media, as after months of anticipation, the network has confirmed that the new season will be arriving much sooner than you have been speculating! Yes, the official release window has been set, and it will premiere exclusively in Canada on CBC and CBC Gem this fall season. The exact release date has not been confirmed yet, as there is still time for such information to be released! 

This update is a great step forward as the production of the longest-running drama in Canadian television history has officially begun filming in various locations, which include Calgary, High River, Millarville, and Longview in Alberta, Canada. The filming recently stopped for a short hiatus but it has not been completely shut down due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike, as it seems like the series has no association with this situation as it is produced by Dynamo Films and Seven24 Films.

So, it will be a while until the network confirms the official release date, maybe once the production reaches its conclusion. In the meantime, check out the show’s official Twitter page to catch up with all the latest information that the platform publishes every other day to keep the fans updated!

Heartland Season 17 Plot: What to expect in the new season?

According to the official press release, one thing is pretty clear in much-awaited Heartland Season 17, Amy (Amber Marshall) and the rest of the Heartland family know better than most that while dreams can sometimes come true, more often, life takes us in unexpected directions. 

Based on the bestselling series of books by Lauren Brooke, the new season is all about embracing the unexpected. It’s about new experiences and taking the path less traveled. In Season 17, the Bartlett-Fleming family will find themselves excited for the future and ready to embrace new adventures, challenges, and relationships. But no matter how much things may change, Amy, Lou (Michelle Morgan), Jack (Shaun Johnston), and Tim (Chris Potter) will continue to fight for what they believe in while staying rooted in the land that has been in the Bartlett-Fleming family for generations.

Heartland Season 17: Expected release date, plot, characters that won't be returning, filming updates and more

Take a look at some of the official statements made by the cast and crew, which highlights their excitement for the new chapter, which includes the 250th episode of the series that started in 2007. 

Amber Marshall shares, “It is hard to believe I have been part of 250 Heartland episodes. When I look back and do the math, I’ve spent over 1700 days on set which is roughly 20,400 hours. I really can’t imagine a better group of people to create something so special. We are all so proud of this show.”

Michelle Morgan adds, “Heartland entering the 17th season in an industry where a series is lucky to get a second or a third season is hard to wrap your head around. I attribute the longevity of Heartland to a perfect alchemy of all the most important elements in television. We have a good story engine and great chemistry between the different actors on the set. We have a stunning and unique setting, a little piece of southern Alberta known as the Foothills. We have many knowledgeable local cowboys and cowgirls to guide the show and keep it authentically grounded in the Western world. But the most important element is that it is a multi-generational show that anyone in the family can watch and enjoy.”

Heartland Season 17: Expected release date, plot, characters that won't be returning, filming updates and more

Shaun Johnston continues, “250 episodes of Heartland! That sure is a beautiful thing. Working on Heartland has been the greatest gift in my professional lifetime for me. And having been in the Heartland family since the very first day of production all those many years back makes me proud to say that I am honored, humbled, and privileged to be Jack Bartlett. Thank you, CBC. And thank you, fans of Heartland.”

Chris Potter finishes off by saying, “In 2007, Heartland presented an opportunity of great promise. Over the course of its seasons, the promise realized, Heartland has become a dream. A way of life for many of us involved in its ongoing creation. As we celebrate our 250th episode milestone it is with admiration for, and congratulations to, every person involved in making the show throughout the seasons. For me, the dream goes on until I ride my horse into the Heartland sunset. What a ride it’s been so far!”

Heartland Season 17 Cast: Which characters will and will not return?

The original cast members who are expected to reprise their roles in the next chapter are as follows: 

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming, Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming Morris, Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett, Chris Potter as Tim Fleming, Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell, Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris, Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly, Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman, Baye McPherson as Katie Fleming Morris, Lucian-River Chauhan as Luke Kashani, Ava Tran as Parker Yang, Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy Marion Borden, and Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming Morris.

The executive producers of the show are Michael Weinberg, Tom Cox, Jordy Randall, and Mark Haroun, along with co-executive producer Dean Bennett. The series is produced by Jess Maldaner. The series writers are Mark Haroun, Ken Craw, Caitlin Fryers, Heather Conkie, Alexandra Clarke, and Adam Hussein. For CBC, Sally Catto is General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports; Trish Williams is Executive Director, Scripted Content. 

The cast members who are reported to not return for the next season due to obvious reasons, which include character deaths, arc endings, or actors leaving the show, among others, are as follows:

Graham Wardle as Tyler “Ty” Borden, Cindy Busby as Ashley Stanton, and Victoria Pratt as Casey McMurtry are just some of the prominent actors who are still remembered by the fans, but they will not return in the new season. Additionally, Season 15 saw the introduction of actor Robert Cormier, who unfortunately passed away in 2022 after suffering injuries due to a fall. He was only 33 years old. After his death, the series dedicated Season 16 to him.

Moreover, Sarah Adams is the Director of the Current Production Drama; and Barbara Mamabolo is the Executive in Charge of Production. As the show is CBC original series, Heartland is produced by Dynamo Films and SEVEN24 Films with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund, the Government of Alberta, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit. eOne is the international distributor of the series.


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Heartland Season 17 Episodes: Where to stream them?

The series has started production in Alberta for the new episodes of Heartland Season 17, which will feature 10 one-hour episodes, the first of which will be the 250th episode of the series that started in 2007. Recently, filming was completed on the first two episodes of the long-running series, and production is underway on the next two, which will be directed by the one and only Chris Potter. Michelle Morgan has also been leading the charge in prep as she is directing episodes 1705 and 1706 of Heartland. She is working on some very exciting scenes that we know Heartland fans will certainly appreciate! 

Heartland is available to stream on Up TV and Lite TV networks in the United States, and you can watch all of the seasons on Netflix. All the episodes broadcasted on CBC TV in Canada. You can also stream Heartland by renting or purchasing on Vudu or Amazon Instant Video and Hulu Plus, with a vast number of membership plans. Moreover, the series is available to watch for free on Plex, Crackle, Pluto, and Tubi based on the user’s location. Entertainment One has also released the first seven seasons of Heartland on DVD in Region 1 (Canada only). 

Heartland Season 17 Official Trailer: Has it been released?

The network has not released any teaser trailer for the new season as the filming is still ongoing, which makes it way too early for any promotion to begin! So, while you wait for the premiere of Heartland Season 17, check out the prior season, which finds Amy and the rest of the family making bold strides towards their futures. The Bartlett-Fleming family will come together to face their fears and start the next chapter in their lives.

Take a look at the official trailer for Heartland Season 16 below: 

Heartland Season 16 Official Trailer

Catch up on the previous seasons while you wait for more Heartland Season 17 updates.