Heidi Klum wears a giant peacock costume filled with people this Halloween

Heidi Klum
Credit: ABC News

Former Victoria’s Secret angel Heidi Klum turned heads and raised eyebrows in an all-blue outfit, which was the neck and face of the peacock, while 10 other people around her were dressed to look like her blue, green, and gold-colored feathers — and together, they formed one giant bird at the Marquee New York event on Tuesday night, as per Page Six. This is an interesting sidestep from individual costumes.

She told Page Six on the carpet of her annual event, “I feel very naked right now,” adding, “I need all my friends around me. I thought it would be fun to do a costume with a bunch of people … where we all make amazing formations.” She added in her interview that all her ‘feathery friends’ were professionals from Cirque du Soleil. Tom Kaulitz, Klum’s husband, also appeared at the party as a giant peacock egg.


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Page Six reported that the Tao Group Hospitality venue was also host to the 19-year-old daughter of Klum Leni Klum and the Tokio Hotel guitarist’s identical twin brother, Bill Kaulitz. While Leni went as Strawberry Shortcake, he went as a Unicorn.

Looks like dressing ‘outside the box’ is one of Klum’s strongest suits because the list of weird Halloween costumes is ever-expanding. Last year, the America’s Got Talent judge showed up to her Halloween soirée dressed as a hyperrealistic worm. She said in relation to this costume to reporters at the time at Sake No Hana, “I tried to think outside of the box and come up with other things, and last year I was thinking, ‘Oh, a tree would be really cool or, like, a plant, and then I kind of went from plant to rainworm,’ adding, “This is one of the top ones, I would say, just because it’s so unusual and so big in size and it’s weird.” Adding distress to the already concerned fans who wondered how she moved around being a worm, she said, “It’s hard for me to move. I don’t really have arms or legs,” continuing, “When I fall over, I need someone to help me get back up. I’m kind of stuck in it, you know? It feels a little claustrophobic.”

Another weird and out-of-the-box costume donned by Klum was photographed for her second-ever Halloween bash, where she entered the party on horseback while dressed as Lady Godiva. In 2013, she transformed into an old lady, and a year later, she rocked an elevated butterfly costume. Page Six reports that in 2016, she had fans addled when she arrived with five women dressed as her clones in her Victoria’s Secret angel element.

Her eeriest costume yet would have to be in 2019, when she was unrecognizable as an alien zombie. The creepy costume took 10 hours to create.