Here is how BTS’ Jimin reacted after Army recognized him at a Tteokbokki Place

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BTS member Jimin’s ability to effortlessly avoid getting recognized in public has garnered immense respect from fans. Despite his worldwide fame, Jimin has managed to navigate public spaces incognito, showcasing his talent for blending in with the general public. One incident at a Tteokbokki restaurant highlights Jimin’s amusing encounter and showcases his quick thinking.

Jimin at the Tteokbokki Restaurant

During a recent visit to a Tteokbokki restaurant with his friends, Jimin left his autograph for the owner, unbeknownst to the other patrons. A fan, later visiting the same place, noticed the autograph and approached the owner to inquire if Jimin had indeed been there. Confirming Jimin’s presence, the owner shared their amusing encounter when they initially failed to recognize him as a celebrity. When asked if he was an actor, Jimin playfully responded, “Something like that, but it’s not going well.”

Jimin’s Mesmerizing Visuals

Jimin’s remarkable visuals, combined with his captivating aura, often leave strangers unable to take their eyes off him. The Tteokbokki owner also fell under his spell, and it was Jimin’s beauty that ultimately caught their attention. Fans were entertained by the owner’s continuous praise of Jimin’s beauty, further highlighting the BTS member’s charisma.

Fans’ Reaction to the Tteokbokki Incident

Fans worldwide had a delightful response to the Tteokbokki incident, finding Jimin’s smart response and the effects of his mesmerizing visuals amusing. They chuckled at Jimin’s self-deprecating joke about his acting skills and commented on how not knowing about BTS seemed to increase the chances of meeting the members. Fans applauded Jimin for his polite demeanor and his unique way of handling the situation.

Jimin’s Track Record

The Tteokbokki incident reminded fans of Jimin’s previous encounters where he successfully avoided recognition. In one instance during a visit to Busan, his hometown, for a concert, Jimin cleverly denied being recognized by a man who thought he looked familiar. Jimin even switched to his Busan dialect, leaving the man confused about his true identity. Fans praised Jimin’s talent for blending in and appreciating his playful approach to these situations.


Jimin’s ability to go unrecognized in public despite his global fame showcases his impressive skill at blending into the crowd. The Tteokbokki incident and his past encounters demonstrate Jimin’s quick thinking, wit, and charm. Fans continue to admire his down-to-earth nature and enjoy the amusing anecdotes that highlight his ability to surprise and entertain both fans and unsuspecting individuals alike.