Here’s how BTS’ Jin saved a fan from getting robbed


A heartwarming incident involving a 21-year-old BTS fan in Brazil has captured the attention of fans worldwide. On July 19, the young fan found herself saved from a potential robbery, all thanks to a photo of BTS’s Jin on her cellphone case. The unexpected turn of events highlights the strong bond between BTS and their global fanbase, known as the ARMY, showcasing the impact the group has on people’s lives beyond their music.

Jin’s Photo Averts a Robbery

The incident took place near São José dos Pinhais, in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, as the fan was waiting at a bus stop. A criminal approached her with intentions of robbery, forcibly taking her cell phone. However, upon seeing the photo of BTS’s Jin in his military uniform on the phone case, the robber seemed startled and hesitant. The fan later revealed that the criminal might have thought she had a boyfriend in the military, leading him to reconsider. In a surprising twist, the robber returned the phone and quickly fled the scene, saving the young fan from harm.

Jin: The Hero in the Spotlight

Jin, the oldest member of the globally acclaimed BTS, found himself at the center of this heartwarming incident. At the time of the event, he was diligently fulfilling his mandatory military duty in South Korea, having enlisted in December 2022. Jin had already completed six months of his 18-month service period, and his photo played a key role in averting the robbery in Brazil.

Global Impact of BTS

News of Jin’s heroic deed quickly went viral in Korea and around the world, drawing admiration and appreciation from BTS fans everywhere. The incident serves as a testament to the profound connection between BTS and their ARMY, transcending geographical boundaries. It underscores the powerful influence BTS has on people’s lives, with their music and message touching hearts globally.

Jin’s Versatility and Artistry

Apart from being known for his handsome looks, Jin is renowned for his impressive singing and songwriting skills. Fondly referred to as World Wide Handsome among BTS fans, Jin’s talent extends beyond the group’s collective achievements. Before commencing his military service, Jin even released a solo song titled “Astronaut,” further showcasing his versatility and artistry as an individual artist.


The heartwarming incident in Brazil is a touching example of the meaningful connections BTS shares with their ARMY. Jin’s photo not only foiled a robbery attempt but also symbolized the profound impact BTS has on people’s lives worldwide. As BTS continues to create music and inspire fans, they reinforce the message of unity, love, and hope, proving that their influence goes beyond the realm of entertainment.