Here’s how BTS makes and stakes money

how bts makes and stakes money lets find out 2
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If you are an avid K-pop fan, there’s no way you are not already in love with one of the BTS members or maybe all. It’s safe to say that the biggest Korean band in the world, BTS has topped the lists in terms of popularity, revenue and sales, too. The Bangtan Boys are known for their dancing, singing, and rapping skills, and of course, their overall personality that won’t fail to amaze you every time they are on stage.

BTS is constantly breaking records with every other album that they release. For the last decade, the boys have worked with writing, producing and performing music globally making them ultra-rich. So, are you curious to know how they earn money and where BTS spend its revenues? Of course, you are. So, let’s find out.

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Major streamline income of BTS as a band

According to Celebrity Net Worth, in 2019, the boys earned $170 million only from touring and concerts. The Big Hit Entertainment company went public in 2020 where shares were given to each member of BTS beforehand. The share listing was such a big hit that at the end of trading on Day-1, each member of the band had stakes worth $7.9 million. As rightly said, a single source of income is never enough. BTS has been branching out to explore various fields and projects that add to its value and public image. 

Side projects by the band and the BigHit Entertainment

In 2018, BTS released a documentary on YouTube Premium consisting of 8 episodes based on behind the scenes clicks from their Wings Tour. A movie version of the same was released in theatres that brought around $2.4 million in the opening weekend. The name and fame of the band also come from their old reality and variety shows like BTS Goyo, Let’s BTS and others.

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Brand Endorsements, Partnerships and Collaborations

Another good source of income for the BTS band comes from brand endorsements and partnerships. In the present scenario, BTS is very influential and they possess the capacity to turn a product into a trend. The corporate sector has a good share of the wealth of the band. Companies pay the members of the band to be their brand ambassadors. Some of the companies in this list are Mattel, Hyundai, Samsung and Coca-Cola.

BTS also has a collaboration with McDonald’s, Sketchers, Baskin Robbins, VT Cosmetics, and many others. Apart from this, the band is a global brand ambassador for luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Fila. Some deals bring about great benefits to the company and big financial gains to the band. Recently, the band released an album named Butter in a collaboration with CASETiFY which was the idea behind the product series called BTS Butter X CASETiFY.

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Do they earn individually?

While all of them make money as a band together, some members have other sources of income too. Jin has ventured into the food industry as a Japanese-style Eatery in South Korea. Alongside, J-Hope has solo mixtapes to his credit that bring in extra money in his pocket. Jimin has made his appearances on the TV shows Hello Counselor, to get additions to his net worth. V was into acting as a supporting artist in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.

Jungkook has also appeared in numerous South Korean TV shows. Suga has made a major income from song production for BTS, and also apart from BTS. In April 2022, the boys also announced the teaser of their New Game: BTS Island: In the SEOM featuring the BTS members as characters in the game.

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Contribution of BTS to the South Korean economy

With this huge income, the net worth of this group amount to $100 million, reportedly. They contribute a major share to the South Korean economy, also bringing up the tourism and public shift towards South Korean products.

But, where do they spend all this money? While they all are seen together most of the time, some BTS band members also have their apartments. Jungkook, Suga, Jin and J-Hope have their flats worth millions. Apart from this, V is a lover of pets, owning four dogs and a cat, all of the expensive breeds. Jin has a pet – leucistic sugar glider named Gukmul with Suga also being a pet lover. The boys also spend on wearing luxurious brands with fashion and style.