Here is how BTS’ RM celebrated the anniversary of SEXY NUKIM

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One year ago, on September 1, 2022, RM from BTS and South Korean musical collective Balming Tiger surprised fans with their collaborative track “SEXY NUKIM.” The song’s release marked a significant milestone in their musical journey, and fans couldn’t get enough of its brain-twisting concept and groovy rap verses.

A Musical Fusion!

“SEXY NUKIM” stood out with its enigmatic aura, blending groovy rap verses with low-toned vocals. However, it wasn’t just the music that left an indelible impression; the accompanying music video added a layer of mystery and intrigue that captivated viewers and fans alike. This track was a testament to Balming Tiger’s distinctive musical style, known for its genre-defying compositions.

Balming Tiger’s Musical Identity

Balming Tiger has garnered attention for its multi-genre musical pieces, which include not only “SEXY NUKIM” but also “Kolo Kolo.” What sets them apart is their refusal to be confined to a single musical genre. They proudly embrace the label of an “alternative K-pop band,” showcasing their commitment to breaking away from conventional norms.

The Unique Collaboration

The collaboration between Kim Namjoon and Balming Tiger was not just a chance encounter; it was born out of a shared connection. The renowned producer Supreme Boi, known for his work on BTS hits like “Idol” and “Dionysus,” as well as TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s “Cat & Dog (English Version),” happened to share an alumnus with San Yawn, the leader of Balming Tiger. This connection paved the way for a unique musical partnership that resulted in “SEXY NUKIM.”

RM, never one to miss a chance to connect with his fans, took to Instagram Stories to celebrate the one-year anniversary of this musical masterpiece. His story resonated with the excitement and gratitude shared by fans who had been following his journey with Balming Tiger.

Balming Tiger’s BTS Moments

Balming Tiger didn’t let the anniversary slip by unnoticed, either. They treated fans to a glimpse behind the scenes by sharing previously unseen photos from the official music video shoot. These candid snapshots gave fans a fresh perspective on the collaborative effort that led to “SEXY NUKIM.”

Before the anniversary celebrations, fans got a glimpse of RM’s playful side as he interacted with his close friend, San Yawn. The latter shared a humorous photo of RM dozing off, showcasing the lighthearted camaraderie between the two. RM, in good spirits, reciprocated by sharing a playful photo of San Yawn catching some shut-eye. Their friendship was on full display for fans to enjoy.