Here is how BTS’ V celebrated his pet Yeontan’s ‘artistic’ debut

Credit: Instagram

In a heartwarming and unexpected moment, BTS’ V delighted fans during his performance of “Slow Dancing” at the M Countdown live music show. What made this performance truly remarkable was the inclusion of his beloved pet dog, Yeontan, who took his first steps into the K-pop spotlight.

As Tae Bear graced the stage to perform tracks from his solo debut album, “Layover,” he had a furry companion by his side – none other than Yeontan. The adorable Pomeranian was a curious presence on stage, capturing the hearts of fans and leaving them cheering in joy. It was a moment that no one expected but will undoubtedly be cherished by ARMY (BTS’ fanbase) forever.


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Instagram Celebration

After this unforgettable stage appearance, V took to his Instagram account to celebrate Yeontan’s K-pup debut. Sharing a screenshot from the M Countdown performance, he expressed his pride and love for his four-legged friend. The post quickly gained attention from fans worldwide, sparking a wave of joy and admiration.

The BTS member’s solo debut with “Layover” has been nothing short of spectacular. The title track, “Slow Dancing,” achieved its first win on M Countdown, further solidifying V’s status as a successful solo artist. “Layover” itself is a six-track album, with each song accompanied by its own music video, showcasing V’s versatility and creativity.

Support from Wooga Squad

V’s Wo groga Squad, a close-knit of friends and fellow artists, has been a pillar of support for his solo endeavors. They have actively promoted his music on their social media platforms, emphasizing the camaraderie and friendship within the squad. Not only has the BTS member been conquering the music scene, but he also delighted fans with his dance skills. He took on the Dynamic Duo’s Smoke dance challenge over the internet, leaving fans swooning over his talent and charisma.

So, Kim Taehyung’s recent activities, from his pet’s unexpected stage appearance to the success of his solo debut album “Layover,” have showcased his multifaceted talents and the unwavering support he receives from both fans and friends in the industry. Yeontan’s K-pup debut will undoubtedly be remembered as a heartwarming and iconic moment in the world of K-pop.