Here’s how to deal with toxic relatives

toxic relatives
Credits: Pexels

Any time there is a conversation about toxic people, it’s critical to remember that you can’t change anyone and that it’s best to give up on trying. A toxic relationship can be really difficult as it disturbs your mind and makes you feel exhausted whenever you are around such people. It is somehow easy to deal with toxic friends or toxic lovers as you can simply end your relationship and break contact with them forever. After a few years, you won’t even remember them. But having toxic relatives is something you can’t get away with easily as being part of the same family, you will come across them, be it at a family function, get-together, or some emergency situation.

Toxic relatives frequently engage in ways that are hurtful to or otherwise detrimental to one another. So how to deal with your own relatives who are so toxic?

Setting own boundary line

toxic relativesIf your family doesn’t respect or obey boundaries, it may be difficult for you to recognize them and set your own. But right now, it’s up to you to choose the treatment you’ll accept. You are reminded to defend yourself from their ways by the boundary you have set. Now you are clear in your mind how many chances you want to give them before you break your ties. For e.g., stop your aunty for continuously comparing you with others and always putting you down, but if she continues to repeat the same behavior, block her number and ignore her whenever she is around.

Don’t be so close

toxic relativesLimiting the amount of personal information you reveal can help you maintain emotional distance. Let’s say that when you confide in your cousin about a problem you are having, he mocks you and makes sarcastic remarks. This is your signal to communicate with him as little as possible going forward. One who is not serious about your problems might also share your secret or problem with other family members. Also, always remember that whenever you meet your toxic relatives, never answer their questions based on your private lives. Because they just want a sneak peek into your life, rather than asking out of concern.

Stay away from argument

toxic relativesIt’s said that toxic people drive you into an argument and take you down at their level. So, whenever you see this coming, simply cut the conversation in-between to calm down the environment. Toxic relatives often indulge in such behavior and might speak stuff from the past that you won’t like to hear and will distract you from the real issue. They frequently turn the tables on you, putting the blame on you for their negativity.

Learn to say ‘No’

People tend to do lots of formalities in family matters. Take, for example, them. If you get an invite for a get-together or some random family planning, simply cancel yourself from the list. There is no need to go under your parent’s pressure or any kind of formality that will only impact your mental well-being.