Here’s how to look tall without wearing heels and stilettos

How to look tall

It’s never too wrong to look tall and gain some confidence in daily life. However, you can also opt for some fantastic tips to ditch your high heels with flats and still look taller! Surprising, isn’t it? But it is true that you can choose different measures apart from enduring the pain of wearing those pointed high heels or stilettos to look endearing all the time.

Moreover, you will get nothing by wearing them the entire day other than some cramps and pain. So, let us catch up on some of the best solutions to look taller without relying on heels.

Wear straight-fit pants

How to look tall without wearing heels and stilettos 1

Straight-fit pants are a must-have for hectic office work or simply comfortable evenings. They help relax your muscles and give you relief from those binding pairs of skinny jeans. By wearing straight-fit pants, you will ensure proper blood circulation and also add an inch to your petite look! The pants align the best with plain shirts tucked into them neatly.

Choose a homogeneous pattern

How to look tall

A monochromatic, well-drawn dress beats every kind of multi-design dress any time of the day. A dress with a homogeneous pattern gives the illusion of a long dress worn as a part of a tall body that blends perfectly with your elevated girl look. You can also pair your monochromatic dress with a pair of matching shoes to get that extra feel! You can also try wearing your maxi dress with a solid color or small prints all over it and match it with a ponytail or a bun knot to give the illusion of a tall look.

Try high-waist jeans

How to look tall

It’s time to update your closet if you feel uncomfortable with your regular jeans. Try getting some high-waist jeans for you, preferably in the colors black and light blue. Wearing plain colors will give you a neat look, and the high waistline will work to lift your waist location while giving the illusion of having long legs.

Select skin-toned shoes

You can choose skin-colored shoes that perfectly fit your wardrobe when adding skeel summer dresses having mini hemlines. Matching the shoes with your outfits will give an extra height to your regular size while lifting it above the ground in an illusionary manner.

So, it’s high time you ditch those high heels and stilettos and instead opt for any of the options provided above to get that tall girl look you always wanted! Get set, go and ready your wardrobe right now for the next evening party or office meeting.