Here’s how to protect your hair from extreme summer heat

Hair care

Many of us may face hair-related issues daily. It may sound like a small issue, but with passing time, this has become more serious than ever. Right from increasing pollution to the use of chemical-filled products, everything has had a bad impact on your hair. That is why you may often find yourself asking family members or other acquaintances for shampoo, mask, or oil recommendations.

Hair care

Hair nightmares get worse during the summer season – from itchy scalp to excessive hair fall, oiliness, dryness, or lifeless strands, every issue related to your hair can make it worse. We all have faced these nightmares at least once in a lifetime. So, how do we take care of these unruly and moody locks and protect them from the heat this summer?

Here are a few steps that you can follow to ensure that your hair retains its beauty and remains healthy.

Reconsider your products

Are you really sure that the shampoo or the conditioner that you are using is working well for you? A few shampoos get laded with multiple chemical ingredients that may not work well for your hair. In fact, they can cause extreme damage instead of making your hair healthier. So, it is high time you reconsider the products used on your hair.

Check your water supply

It is you who can analyze whether the water supply in your bathroom is healthy enough for your hair and skin. Most of us have heard about soft and hard water problems in many areas of the country. If you wash your hair with hard water, it leaves a rough after-effect on your hair and often leaves it dull and dehydrated. You can use water softeners that are easily available in online markets and nearby stores and see a surprising difference in your hair within days.

Oils are a must

Hair care

Our elders have always prompted us to apply oil to our hair since childhood. Turns out they were right! Oils help form a thin protective layer over our hair that prevents them from rubbing against each other. Oil also helps protect our hair from getting entangled and nourishes the scalp while maintaining root strength.

Wear a scarf

There is nothing wrong with covering your hair when you step out of your house during summer. Try wearing a scarf over your head or use an umbrella to protect your tresses from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Deep conditioning

Another way to protect your hair from the extreme heat in summer is by resorting to deep conditioning. Follow the procedure once or twice a week and say hello to happier and healthier hair soon! You can also try using a hair mask enriched with the best essential oils to make your hair smoother and stronger. If you are looking for professional smoothening treatment at home, it is the best choice for you. Another good thing about most hair masks is that they are paraben-free.

So, here are some of the best ways in which you can protect your hair from the extreme summer heat. Try following the above procedures and get ready to flaunt your beautiful tresses in no time!