Here’s why Barbie actor Ryan Gosling sent a gift to BTS’ Jimin

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At a time when everyone is going crazy over Barbenheimer fever, a few others are battling their minds over whether to watch Barbie or Oppenheimer. These two movies are making news for the biggest box office clash in Hollywood in present times. Meanwhile, there is another news buzz in the K-pop world related to this that is grabbing everyone’s attention.

Ryan’s Apology Gift

For the unversed, Ryan Gosling portrays Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, in the movie ‘Barbie.’ The latest that we know is that he has offered a heartfelt apology to BTS member Jimin. So, let’s get deeper into the story. So, fans of the South Korean boyband noticed that Ryan’s character in the film is wearing the same outfit Jimin donned in the song ‘Permission To Dance.’ If that is not enough, it is said that according to the sacred Ken Code, Ken cannot copy the style of another Ken.

Ryan’s Peace Offering to Jimin

Now, Ryan Gosling has chosen a unique method to apologize to BTS’ Jimin. In a video shared on the official Twitter page of Barbie, Gosling reached out to Jimin and expressed his admiration. He acknowledged that the Bangtan Boys member wore the outfit first and undoubtedly pulled it off better. As a peace offering, Ryan decided to give Jimin his prized possession – a Ken guitar. In the video, Ryan playfully mentioned that Ken doesn’t really play the guitar. So, it would be much better in Jimin’s hands.

Army’s Reaction to Ryan’s Gesture

BTS fans were thrilled with Ryan Gosling’s gesture and flooded the comments section of the video. Many expressed their excitement, and a few others hoped that Jimin would see the video and respond to it. Some fans even pledged to watch the Barbie movie after learning about the connection between Ryan’s character and Jimin’s outfit.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Movie

Directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as Barbie, the film ‘Barbie’ promises to be an exciting and thought-provoking experience. In one of her recent interviews with Reuters, Greta described the movie as a “Spicy margarita” – packed with a lot to offer. She aimed to surprise the audience and make them laugh. The cast also aimed to evoke unexpected thoughts and emotions, creating a unique and memorable experience.

‘Barbie’ is said to be a “contemporary reimagining” of the Barbie brand and will explore themes of identity, gender, and the pressures of perfection. It has been described as a “coming-of-age story” and a “fish out of water” comedy.

The film’s marketing campaign has been highly anticipated and has generated a lot of buzz online. The first trailer for the film was released in June 2022, and it received a positive reaction from fans.