Here’s how BLACKPINK’s Jisoo helped Dior’s revenue increase by 86.8%

jisoo from blackpink

BLACKPINK member Jisoo assumed the role of global ambassador for the prestigious French luxury brand Dior in 2021. Since then, her influence on the brand’s success has been monumental, with an 86.8% surge in Dior’s revenue within a single year of her association.

Jisoo’s collaboration with Dior places her among esteemed K-pop stars associated with the brand, including BTS’ Jimin, NewJeans’ Haerin, and boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER. These collaborations reflect a strategic move by luxury brands to tap into the immense global influence of K-pop stars and leverage their popularity for brand elevation.


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Revenue Surge in 2021

Reports indicate that Dior’s revenue in 2021 soared to 613.9 billion KRW, showcasing an 86.8% growth compared to the previous year’s figure of 328.5 billion KRW. The operating profit also doubled, surging from 104.7 billion KRW to an impressive 211.5 billion KRW. Jisoo’s popularity, particularly among women aged 20 to 30, played a pivotal role in expanding the brand’s reach and attracting a broader audience.

Continued Success in 2022

Jisoo’s ambassadorship has continued to yield positive results in 2022, with Dior’s revenue reaching an astonishing 1 trillion KRW. This marks a significant 51% growth compared to the prior year, emphasizing the enduring impact of Jisoo’s association with the luxury brand.

Jisoo’s Influence in South Korea

The success of Dior in the Korean market is notably attributed to Jisoo’s widespread popularity and influential presence. Her sizable and devoted fanbase in South Korea actively supports her endorsements, contributing to the brand’s triumph in the local market.

As Jisoo remains actively engaged in promoting and endorsing Dior, including appearances at Fashion Week, brand dinners, and high-profile events, there is anticipation that the brand’s revenue will continue its upward trajectory. Jisoo’s influential role as a global ambassador aligns seamlessly with Dior’s brand image and market strategy.

Beyond the Brand Promotions

Beyond her ambassadorship, Jisoo is recognized as a versatile talent in the entertainment industry. As an actor, model, singer, and member of BLACKPINK, she has made significant contributions to the world of K-pop. Jisoo’s solo debut album, “ME,” achieved historic success, selling 1.03 million copies in under two days — a testament to her immense solo popularity. Currently, she is preparing for her lead role in the upcoming series “Influenza.”