Here’s how BTS’ V made everyone laugh on ‘Run BTS’; WATCH VIDEO

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BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently made a guest appearance on the popular variety show Running Man. This exciting news had fans eagerly anticipating V’s solo appearance on a variety show, a departure from his previous appearances with BTS as a group. Kim Taehyung entered the scene with an air of sophistication, instantly grabbing the attention of the Running Man members. His very first sentence had the cast bursting into laughter, setting the tone for an entertaining episode.

Expressing His Love for Running Man

In the beginning, V expressed his love for the show, revealing that he had been a fan for a long time. Yoo Jae Suk, a regular cast member, confirmed that V had been eager to appear on the show to showcase his personality. V also shared that he would often watch Running Man while enjoying meals at home.

When asked which member he was particularly excited to reunite with, V chose HaHa, sparking some friendly jealousy among the others. His choice of HaHa as the member he missed the most warmed the hearts of both the cast and fans.

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Rating Members with Similar Side Profiles

V was asked to rate the Running Man members based on their side profiles resembling his. He playfully chose Song Ji Hyo, and his choice received agreement and laughter from the other members. Additionally, he made Kim Jong Kook blush when he selected him as the second person with a similar nose profile.

Throughout the episode, the BTS member engaged in various games with the Running Man cast. His quick thinking and strategic gameplay had fans in stitches as he consistently emerged victorious. Fans noted that V’s experience from Run BTS, where the group competed intensely for prizes and even took shortcuts for coupons, prepared him well for challenges against the seasoned Running Man members.

Impressive Ratings and Online Impact

The episode featuring V achieved impressive viewership ratings, positioning it as the top variety show in its time slot. It recorded viewership ratings of 2.3 percent, with the peak viewership hitting 5.3 percent. Online, the digital interview clips and teaser clips garnered nearly 2 million views in just two days. The episode sparked numerous trending searches related to Kim Taehyung, Running Man, and V, showcasing his significant influence as a singer.