Here’s How Hailey Bieber Showed Support to Justin Bieber in a Latest Music Video

Justin Bieber
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If there is one pair that has been setting major couple goals in Hollywood as of now, it is definitely Justin and Hailey Bieber. The latter has recently expressed her love and support for her husband, Justin Bieber’s involvement in SZA’s latest music video, “Snooze.” Taking to her Instagram Story, Hailey shared her excitement by writing, “My 2 favorite artists in 1 video.” The music video features not only Justin Bieber but also SZA, Woody McClain, Young Mazino, and Benny Blanco.

The Official Music Video

Justin Bieber and SZA share intimate on-screen moments that take the audience on a journey in the mesmerizing music video for “Snooze.” From a picnic rendezvous to scenes set in a bedroom, the video captures these two artists indulging in various activities, including smoking and cruising on a tractor. SZA’s character interacts with the male co-stars, which leads to a sequence of scenes that portray arguments and tension. The video concludes with a poignant shot of SZA walking away alone in a field, adding an emotional touch to the visual storytelling.


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SZA’s Gratitude and Acknowledgment

After the release of the music video, SZA took to Instagram to express her gratitude to everyone involved in bringing the project to life. She wrote, “Snooze video out NOW. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen!! Specially my co stars for being so awesome.” This statement underscores the collaborative effort that went into the creation of the captivating music video.

A Glance at Justin Bieber’s Career

Justin Bieber’s appearance in SZA’s music video comes amid rumors about his managerial relationship with Scooter Braun. Despite reports suggesting a potential split between Justin and Scooter, multiple sources have confirmed that they are still collaborating. According to these sources, Justin is not actively seeking new management, and the two have recently collaborated on a project together.

Justin and Hailey’s Relationship

The journey of Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber’s relationship has been marked by its share of highs and lows. It all began in 2009 when the couple first crossed paths backstage at the TODAY Show. Bieber finally confirmed their relationship through an Instagram post in the year 2015. Their engagement in 2018 culminated in a courthouse wedding. The same was also followed by a more traditional wedding ceremony in 2019.