Here’s who foiled Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala date plan

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The annual Met Gala has long been an iconic event where celebrities dazzle with their extravagant outfits and A-list guests. Preparations for this glamorous night are meticulously planned, and attendees often aspire to make a striking entrance. In 2023, Kim Kardashian, the SKIMS mogul, was no exception to this rule. As the Costume Institute’s most recent exhibit honoree, Kardashian had hoped to make a unique and stylish entrance by having a special date by her side.


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A Unique and Special Date

Kardashian’s vision for the Met Gala went beyond the standard fashion statements. Her plan involved bringing a unique and special companion: Choupette, the beloved Birman cat of the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld, a legend in the fashion industry, had a close and enduring bond with Choupette, and Kardashian sought to honor his memory by bringing the feline as her date.

The Key to Kardashian’s Vision

In a new episode of “The Kardashians,” viewers were given a behind-the-scenes look at Kardashian’s journey leading up to meeting the famous feline. In the confessional, she shared her excitement, saying, “Choupette is supposed to be my date for the Met [Gala]. I wanna spend some time with her, get to know her and just see if we vibe. It’s key to my vision for the evening.”

Feeling the Pressure to Make a Good Impression

The pressure was on for Kardashian, who felt a deep connection to Lagerfeld. Bringing Choupette to the Met Gala was a way for her to pay tribute to the fashion legend and keep his memory alive. It was an honor she cherished, and she wanted to ensure that Choupette approved. In her words, it was like “going on a blind date.”

The Fateful Meeting

When Choupette arrived at the meeting location in a Louis Vuitton cat carrier held by her agent, the anticipation was palpable. Kardashian, in an attempt to win Choupette’s favor, showered the cat with compliments. Unfortunately, Choupette’s response was not what she had hoped for. Instead of purrs and affection, the feisty feline replied with hisses, indicating that she was not immediately won over.

Playing Hard to Get

In response to Choupette’s initial disinterest, Kardashian remained hopeful. She mused, “I think Choupette is playing hard to get. Maybe she needs some time to warm up, you know?”

Kardashian even ventured to gently pet Choupette, but the encounter took a slightly less than friendly turn. According to Choupette’s spokesperson, cuddling is not her forte, and she made her preferences clear. In the end, the meeting didn’t go exactly as Kardashian had hoped. Despite her best efforts and kind words, Choupette remained unimpressed, even attempting to bite her during their brief interaction. The encounter was a reminder that not every date turns out as planned, even when you’re one of the world’s most famous celebrities.