Here’s why Gigi Hadid is angry with Leonardo DiCaprio

Gigi Hadid
Credit: Instagram

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines a few months ago after reports started doing rounds about the duo dating each other. However, things seem to have ended ‘abruptly’ for both of them as Leonardo was recently seen with a young model, Victoria Lamas. According to the latest reports, Gigi Hadid wants closure as she wants to know why Leonardo DiCaprio ditched her suddenly.

Why answers?

A source close to the supermodel told Radar Online that she is “mad” over the fact that the renowned Titanic actor moved on from her so quickly with another young lady. The source further said Gigi Hadid needs closure because she is thinking of ways to get back at DiCaprio by initiating a relationship like him.

The same source added, “Part of her wants to just ghost Leo or play him at his own game by hooking up with someone new herself. The source further added, “But they share a lot of the same friends — and she’s not the type to just move on and let this go without some type of closure. He’s saying they were never exclusive and there’s really nothing to discuss or defend. But Gigi’s not buying that — and it makes her mad he can be so aloof and cold-blooded.”

The source concluded, “But she does feel she deserves to know why he ended things so abruptly.”

Earlier news

Gigi Hadid was recently spotted when on an outing in New York City this Friday. The 27-year-old supermodel looked chic and stunning during the same. She wore a quilted oversized trench coat teamed up with a grey turtleneck sweater and white-colored pants. For the unversed, it was Hadid’s first-ever public outing since the latest report about ex-flame Leonardo DiCaprio, who sparked a new romance with another actress, Victoria Lamas. Talking about the supermodel, she paired her outfit with brown-tinted sunglasses and brown-colored boots.

The actor’s birthday

Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his 48th birthday a few months ago and reportedly throw a star-studded at his private mansion situated in Beverly Hills. There is no denying that the event was full of glitz and glamour with the who’s who of Hollywood attending it. According to the latest reports, the Oscar winner hosted a soiree that included a guest list of his close friends belonging to the entertainment industry and the music industry.

Gigi’s absence

The paparazzi were able to catch a glimpse of multiple celebrities attending Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday bash but the one person who was not seen attending or leaving the event was Gigi Hadid. For the unversed, the duo has sparked romance rumors for quite some time amid reports that they are trying to keep their relationship private. Now, her absence from Leonardo DiCaprio’s party has raised further questions.