Hilarie Burton says Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be ‘engaged by May’

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
Credits: Big Cat Twitter, Travis Kelce/Instagram

Taylor Swift switched up her song ‘Karma’ to incorporate a line about her new beau, Travis Kelce, and Hilarie Burton is all for it!

Saturday night’s Eras Tour concert in Argentina reported via People shows that while Swift was performing her record-breaking song ‘Karma,‘ she decided to give her man Kelce a shoutout by altering the lyrics to the song. The reception from the crowd that followed echoed all over the stadium. Kelce, 34, watched her perform alongside her dad, Scott Swift, in the VIP tent during her second show in Buenos Aires, when instead of crooning the lines “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me,” the 33-year-old singer belted out “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” sending the audience up in cheers, with the camera focused on the 34-year-old Chief’s player.

As per a report by People, Burton re-tweeted a fan-induced video of the magical moment, where she said a few words in favor of the couple. She wrote, “They are gonna have the most flannel lined, pie and red ribbon kinda Christmas,” adding to the post on X, “And then these babies are gonna be engaged by May.”

A fan, instigated by this Tweet, replied to her post in the comment section, saying that Swift has “never done that for any other guy,” thereby prodding the actress to reply to this comment where she said, “Because every other guy made her feel like she had to downplay her own work. This big ol beefy tree of a man is holding up signs and singing along! Catching her as she runs offstage?!?!” People reported that the 41-year-old actress compared Lelce’s chivalry to her husband’s, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, writing, “Just saying….strong @JDMorgan energy,” adding, “Get a man who lights up when you win.””

This was not the first time Burton did a comparative analysis of Kelce and her own husband. People report a September incident where she praised Kelce for inviting Swift — and the singer for following through on the invitation — to come to see him play in Kansas City, writing, “Pro tip…you deserve someone who invites you to work with them.” Burton put in her own analogy of what this invitation gesture means by saying that when a person invites you, they think “you’re so awesome” and want “everyone from buddies to the boss to meet you.” She also added to this by saying that inviting one to their professional field shows “they work hard & they’re GOOD, & they want you to see that.”

Adding to this, she shared her own experience with her husband from 14 years ago when Morgan had invited her to watch him on the sets of Grey’s Anatomy.

People reported that on the day of her concert in Argentina, the Kansas City Chiefs player flew down to support her, and according to sources, they enjoyed a romantic dinner together followed by several cute moments on show day, including the awe-inspiring post-show kiss that the audience managed to capture.

Insider sources reiterated to People about the closeness they observed between the couple, with one saying that the pair “looked so cute on their low-key date night” on Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires, noting that “they also left holding hands,” adding, “Travis was beaming.”

Another Insider commented on their budding romance, stating to People, “It all feels very special.”