House of the Dragon: Netizens point out a major CGI mistake involving King Viserys

Credits: HBO

Loved the third episode of the House of the Dragon? The Game of Thrones prequel series is on no different path than its predecessor, and the last three episodes prove the same. Talking about Game of Thrones, the series had earlier made quite a buzz when one of its later episodes displayed an errant coffee cup laying idle on the table in one of the significant scenes. Now, House of the Dragon has also got caught in some kind of a similar situation as a mistake was pointed out by fans on Twitter.

The CGI error

It was after the recent episode of the prequel series came out that a Twitter fan noticed a CGI error in one of the clips. We all know that one of the significant parts of the series is King Viserys’ disease which is getting worse with the coming years. Now, many of us noticed in the third episode of the series that the king had lost some of his limbs because of the deadly disease. In one of the scenes, the netizens have caught a mistake made by the makers. A Twitter user noticed that King Viserys’ hand was covered in a green glove in one of the scenes.

The mistake

Originally, the fingers were supposed to get erased out of the shot using CGI. However, the editors seem to have slipped in one of the scenes. Now, the CGI mistake has sparked a hilarious thread on the internet, with fans expressing shock and amusement over the same. The scene has also reminded fans of a similar mistake that was made during the filming of Game of Thrones leading to the display of a coffee cup in one of the scenes. Well, the fingers of the king are likely to get cut off in the scenes in the coming days as the show producers catch up again!

Check out the mistake pointed out below.