How did BTS’ V became friends with Bada Lee? Latter explains

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BTS’ V, known for his charismatic personality and a wide network of friends, has developed friendships across various domains of the entertainment industry, including fellow artists and dancers. In a recent radio interview, dance crew BEBE’s leader, Bada Lee, unveiled an intriguing story of her unique and heartfelt friendship with V, providing a glimpse into their remarkable camaraderie.

Celebrating BEBE’s Victory with V’s Support

On October 31, Bada Lee’s dance crew, BEBE, clinched a significant victory by emerging as the champions of the latest season of “Street Woman Fighter.” Throughout their journey to success, V stood out as a steadfast supporter of the crew. His support extended far beyond the role of a typical fan; it was rooted in a genuine friendship that was as heartwarming as it was authentic.

The Beginning of an Exceptional Friendship

Bada Lee disclosed that her friendship with V commenced when the K-pop icon approached her with the idea of collaborating in the realm of dance. United by a shared passion for movement and artistic expression, V, Bada Lee, and fellow hip-hop dancer GOF embarked on a joint venture. Their aim was to dance not just for performance’s sake but also for the pure joy of it and to share their love for the art with the world.

“95z”: A Bonding of Birth Year Twins

What makes this friendship all the more special is the fact that both V and Bada Lee share the same birth year, born in 1995. This significant connection led them to affectionately name their dance group “95z,” symbolizing their familial ties and shared life experiences. The name encapsulates the depth of their bond, which allows them to converse casually and comfortably as true friends.

Beyond Words: Collaborative Dance Challenges

The essence of this unique friendship goes beyond mere words; it is expressed through dance challenges and collaborations. V, who has always been an active advocate for Bada Lee and her dance team, joined forces with her for the popular Smoke challenge. The grace and uniqueness of their moves left fans and fellow dancers in awe, earning admiration for their fluid and one-of-a-kind style.

Instagram Gestures of Friendship


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V’s Instagram account is a testament to their deep-rooted friendship. The artist shared a snapshot of himself donning BEBE’s iconic blue attire while holding a snack labeled “BEBE.” This gesture is a touching display of their close bond and mutual support.

Live Dance Sessions

Their friendship isn’t confined to social media; it transcends the digital realm and manifests in real-time dance sessions. V and Bada Lee have delighted fans by dancing together during a Weverse livestream, providing a firsthand glimpse of their camaraderie and love for dance.

Bada Lee’s Remarkable Choreography

Bada Lee has etched her name in the annals of the K-pop industry through her exceptional choreography skills. Her work includes crafting captivating choreographies for hits like aespa’s “Next Level” and Kai’s enthralling performance of “Rover.” Her choreography is recognized for introducing viral songs with catchy hook steps for numerous K-pop groups, including THE BOYZ, NCT, and more.