How many episodes of Beef are on Netflix?

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s new drama comedy is among the best new shows of 2023.

Made by Lee Sung Jin, the vivid series revolves around the repercussions of a road rage incident between Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and Amy Lau (Ali Wong), two unfamiliar people who soon become entangled in a menacing fight with extreme consequences for everyone involved. Promoting dynamic performances from Yeun, Wong, and the magnificent supporting cast, Beef is an effective amalgamation of heartbreaking and funny that will make you feel like watching some more.

Also starring David Choe, Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, and Patti Yasutake (Fumi), the series already went ahead and earned validated Fresh status on Rotten Tomatoes with an absolutely perfect 100% Tomatometer rating.

How many episodes of Beef are on Netflix?

Season one of Beef has in total of ten episodes that range from 30-39 minutes.

Beef on Netflix release date:

The drama-comedy is set to premiere firstly at the 2023 SXSW Festival on March 18, 2023. No sooner that is done it will be streaming on Netflix from April 6, 2023. All 10 episodes will be released at once, with each episode having 30 minutes of runtime.

Beef cast:

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Credit: Netflix

● Steven Yeun as Danny Cho
● Ali Wong as Amy Lau
● David Choe as Isaac
● Young Mazino as Paul
● Joseph Leeas George
● Patti Yasutake as Fumi
● Ashley Park as Naomi
● Maria Bello as Jordan
● Andrew Santino as Michael
● Rekstizzy as Bobby

What time will Beef be on Netflix?

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Credit: Netflix

Beef will be available to see at 12:00 am. Pacific Standard time (3:00 am Eastern Standard Time) starting Thursday. The moment clock strikes 12:00 (or 3 am for the people on East Coast)

Beef plot

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Credit: Netflix

As far as the definition of the word ‘beef’ goes it means a battle, the show’s title refers to the ongoing squabble after a road rage incident between the two protagonists, which serves as the story’s main frame. Creator Lee Sung Jin made this show inspired by real-life traffic arguments that he had to face with an unfamiliar person. He describes in a recent Vanity Fair interview from February: “I wasn’t in a particularly bad mood that day, but I sort of was like, You know what? That’s not okay to do, and I’m going to follow you home.”

The incident, at the very least of how it happened, is apprehended properly in the first trailer of the series, till the point of the initiator’s car being followed. However, the show pans out on the raw passion that is evoked from such a simple and trifle scenario. Danny and Amy, who share the nominal beef, are taking things to the next level in the series to create havoc in each other’s lives.

The pair also belong from totally alternate socio-economic backgrounds and that is an added factor in their fight and personal point of view and struggles. However, it asks the question if their temper is legally directed at each other or instead it’s fueled and fallacious by their personal unsolved issues. On that note, Jin further shares: I really wanted to explore two people who have just a lot of things that they haven’t dealt with, and they keep repressing it and pushing it inside—and how does that come out?

The official synopsis for the series reads as follows:

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Credit: Netflix

A Netflix Original comedy-drama revolving around an episode of road rage that eventually takes over and unfolds the lives of two people indulged, unsuccessful contractor Danny Cho (Steven Yeun) and unsatisfied entrepreneur Amy Lau (Ali Wong). The 10 thirty-minute episodes first season of the series is all set to star Yeun, Wong, David Choe, Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, and Patti Yasutake, so be there this month to witness what it’s like to have a major beef with someone.