How often should you wash your hair?

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How frequently should I wash my hair? Well, this question always arises in our minds, and we get different opinions on it. But there is no simple, fast solution. Although every person’s scalp and hair type are unique and so the answer to this question might also vary.  Do you understand that the guidelines related to hair care that apply to your friend’s combo curls won’t apply to your ultra-fine, grease-prone hair?

Most people don’t need to shampoo their hair in order to be healthy. However, the choice of how often to wash one’s hair is purely based on choice; there is no medical reason applied to it. Therefore, a person’s hair type, scalp texture, and all similar factors determine how often they should wash their hair.

How dry and oily hair reacts to daily washing

shampoo 2Some people complain about hair damaging and their scalp getting dry and itchy due to regular shampooing of their hair. Also, some people have a different opinion. They say if their hair goes without a wash for 2-4 days, it becomes greasy and oily, due to which other problem like dandruff arises. Very dry hair does not require shampooing daily or very frequently. Instead, washing hair less frequently will assist in maintaining the scalp’s natural oils and keep hair well-hydrated. For those with really dry hair, once a week may be sufficient. A dry scalp leads to a reduction in sebum production. Less frequent hair washing helps maintain scalp quality and stops hair breakage and irritation.

People with extremely oily scalps may get acne along their hairline or on their scalp if they do not wash them on a regular basis.  To make it look tidy, they might need a good daily used shampoo.

How does shampoo work?

shampoo 1Washing your skin and hair are very similar tasks. Most apparent dirt can be cleaned up with water, but odors and greasy deposits could still be present. Shampoo makes the water more effective at removing dirt and gets rid of smells like sweat or other pollution we face daily in our lives, like cigarettes, vehicle smoke, etc.

There are alternatives to shampoo if you still feel confused about using it on a regular basis. The only method to make the scalp appear or feel clean is not shampooing. These several substitutes that can work wonders for your hair are mentioned below.


The dry shampoo

It is an oil-absorbing powdered spray. For persons with fine or greasy hair, in particular, it may prolong the interval between shampooing. Dry shampoo does not, however, wash away dirt. People with long hair generally don’t have time in the morning to wash it regularly, so if you have urgent work but also need your hair to look and feel shampooed, then this is probably the best alternative. However, dry shampoo is not recommended for daily use as it can create powder buildup in scalps which can cause irritation

Chemical-free shampoo

These types of shampoos are without harsh chemicals and sulfates and gently treat the hair without removing any of its natural oils.

Using conditioner for washing hair

A particular cleansing conditioner in place of shampoo is known as conditioner-washing, sometimes known as co-washing. If you don’t use any strong-style products and have normal to dry hair, conditioner-washing may completely replace regular shampooing. This conditioner can also be prepared at home with natural products or can be purchased according to your choice.