How to enhance the taste and benefits of infused water

Source: Pexels

These days, you may find numerous, actually, a range of fruit or herb-infused water that people include in their daily diet for a better lifestyle. Fruits are soaked overnight, distributing their nutrients into the water, making them healthy and nutritious. Fruit-infused water is not only delicious but also very beneficial for the body, especially in the summer season.

If you get bored of your regular drinking water, you can go for a fruit-infused fruit to stay hydrated during summers with added benefits. While we try out different fruit-infused waters and include them in our diet, it is important to know how to enhance the taste and benefits of infused waters.

The duration of infusion enhances the flavor

Some fruits that are citrus and juicy often take lesser time to infuse their flavor into the water. On the other hand, hard-skinned or pulpy fruits take more time to infuse their flavors into water. So, the duration of infusion of fruits enhances the flavor of infused water. The longer you soak, the better and richer the flavor of the water is. If you like a mild flavor, you can soak the fruits for 2-3 hours. If you want a stronger flavor, you can soak the fruits overnight.


Once infused, the fruits can be reused for the next batch

The infused water gets only a little flavor and nutrition from the fruit. Also, the fruit does not spoil when it is being infused into a water pitcher. So, once you infuse a fruit for a few hours, you can transfer the same fruit to another pitcher for the next batch of infused water. Yes, fruits can be reused after infusion for the next batch. Once you feel that the fruit does not contain any more flavors, you can discard it. But, do not throw fruits after a single round of infusion. Make more hydrating and tasty infused waters with a single fruit by trying out different combinations.

Don’t oversoak it. Drink it on time

This goes true, especially for fruits with their outer skin on them. If you are not peeling your fruits before soaking them in water, the water may turn bitter because of the peel. Also, if you over-soak fruits in water, it might taste bad. So, always try, test, and check the adequate time for soaking every fruit as it may vary among a family of fruits. Some fruits may turn soggy and release their hairy texture into the water.


Sparkling water is fun

If you wish to make your infused water look fancier, you can add sparkling water to it in place of plain water. It creates funny bubbles and jiggles in the water while you serve them at a party. Sparkling water can eliminate the boredom of water. Sparkling water contains carbon dioxide gas like soft drinks that make it fizzy.

Pour some extra magic

For infused water, you can add some more ingredients apart from the decided fruit. Some ingredients like mint, basil, and rosemary can be used to enhance the flavor and the aroma. Lime is also a very frequently used ingredient in infused waters. It adds a tangy flavor to the drink.


These are some of the ways that can help you enhance the taste and benefits of infused water. With these trending drinks, you can make your parties outstanding. This summer, hydrate yourself with some refreshing-infused waters. Some fruits that you can use for making infused waters are orange, pineapple, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, and some other ingredients like coconut, lime, rosemary, honey for sweetening, or cucumber and kiwi. These ingredients are most commonly used for making infused waters.