7 Ways to get over someone you love

ways to deal with rejection

Breakups happen and you just can’t stop them. You can try all you want but if it is not meant to be it is just not meant to be. No matter how much in love you guys still are if things don’t work out for any reason you may have to go through that breakup. These breakups with the ones whom we still love are the hardest ones and they might even stay someplace with you forever, but they still happen.

So, if you are someone who recently had a breakup with someone you still love here are some tips on how to get over it.

1. Allow yourself to feel 

ways to deal with rejection

Whenever you are trying to get over someone you love it is quite sure that you are going to feel a lot of emotions. Your emotions may not even be in your control at this stage and everyone has a different way of handling this. Some choose to go into denial, some fake themselves as happy people and some just can’t stop crying. So, what you need to do is never choose something that may keep your feeling tucked inside your heart and choose to just feel them, you may feel sad but it is okay as you are allowed to feel anything at this time.

2. Try to accept 

If you are breaking up with someone you love, there must have been something big, something unamendable behind it so there is no point in thinking about what happened and why did it happen. Because all these questions are now meaningless and all you can do is accept the fact that what was supposed to happen has already happened.

3. Engage in physical activities

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Taking out your rush of emotions in the form of sweat can be helpful. You can put all your extra emotional energy into some sport, which would be helpful for you. Physical activities have always been a great help in getting over your stress and negative emotions, so why not give it a chance? 

4. Don’t blame yourself

We often indulge in blaming everything that happened on ourselves, we often find this as an escape but this is surely what you should not do. Instead of being harsh and blaming yourself for everything no matter what it is you should be kind and compassionate towards yourself. You still have a whole life to go on with so just find ways to fall in love with yourself again even if you had to separate paths with the person you love. Love is a positive emotion and it should not put you in this negative place.

5. Focus on the future rather than the past

Thinking about the past, again and again, thinking how things were happy when you were with your love would only make things hard for you. Instead of living in the past you should try and focus on the future. Being practical after your grieving phase is very important if you need to get somewhere in your life otherwise you may even get stuck here forever.

6. Cut off all contact

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Cutting off someone you love is not easy and this might be the hardest step for you to do but you need to realize the importance of this step. If you guys have chosen to break up if you guys really don’t ever want to patch up again you need to cut off all contact and move on in life. Staying in contact would not allow you to get past that love you share.

7. Take your time

Nothing happens overnight. You love someone and you are not just magically going to stop loving them, or you are not just going to wake up the next day after your breakup and feel happy. So, allow yourself to feel and take time. You really need time to get over someone you love, and that time can last as long as you want it to last. All you need to keep in mind is that at some time this time should end and you have to get back to your life.