How to make oral hygiene habits fun for your kids

oral hygiene habits
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Oral health is important for us in every stage of life. Not to mention, it holds value for children because they have the age to be physically and mentally fit. There is no denying that it is important to have good dental health for proper digestion of food. Experts suggest paying proper attention to the oral hygiene of children to prevent tooth decay and other related problems at this stage.

It goes without saying that kids are always drawn to sweets, candies, chocolates, and all sorts of delicacies. Of course, we cannot exclude them from the favorite part of their childhood. So, we can help them focus on their oral hygiene instead of restricting their behaviors.

oral hygiene habits

Common dental health issues

One of the most common issues in dental health is tooth decay. The reason behind this is plaque, a biofilm that consists of bacteria and food particles. It starts building up inside the mouth and leads to tooth decay. Plaque is responsible for the production of acids from the meals and foods that we consume. It leads to the eroding of the enamel, which ultimately leads to tooth decay.

Children aren’t old enough to understand these oral hygiene issues. So, parents must make sure to clean their children’s teeth until they are at the age to undertake the duty on their own. Children should be at least six to seven years old to have the motor control to brush their teeth correctly.

oral hygiene habits

Another dental condition that is very common is a tongue thrust. It happens when the tongue pushes forward inside the mouth in an unruly manner leading to an open bite. This open bite is an incorrect orthodontic condition. Teaching kids proper swallowing patterns can help tackle the issue of tongue thrusts.

As a result, they will stop using the tongue as a seal. Several children have the habit of sucking their thumbs at an early age. This habit can lead to serious disorders like thumb thrusting. The pressure applied to their front teeth can lead to overbite and speech impairment. So, parents must help them get rid of this habit in an appropriate manner.

Maintaining oral hygiene

But the question that arises here is regarding the ways in which you can make oral hygiene habits fun for children. Let’s have a look at the curated ways now.

oral hygiene habits

  1. Help them pick their own toothbrush.
  2. Choose a favorite flavor of toothpaste loved by your child.
  3. Give them rewards in return for cleaning or maintaining their teeth.
  4. Try setting creative alarm clocks to help them clean their teeth on time.
  5. Brush along with the children to make the activity enjoyable.
  6. Try using electric brushes to make the activity more fun.

While adults understand the importance of oral hygiene, children may not understand the same. So, it is our responsibility to help them maintain good dental health to avoid facing problems in the future. Taking them for regular dental checkups is one of the best ways to keep a check on their oral health. This way, the children will become more responsible when it comes to maintaining their oral hygiene.