HYBE responds to allegations of restricting NewJeans’ MV “How Sweet” in 14 countries

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Credit: @NewJeans_ADOR

HYBE, the agency associated with NewJeans, is under fire after reports started circulating about the authorities restricting the group’s music video for “How Sweet” in 14 countries. However, the agency has refuted these allegations saying that they have not restricted the MV on any of the mentioned countries on YouTube.

For the unversed, “How Sweet” marks the second single album for the NewJeans members. It was released on May 24, 2024, at 1 pm KST. The album’s title track is also named after it and has become an instant hit after its release.

Did HYBE just restrict the MV FOR “How Sweet”?

Several people are aware that HYBE is having some feud with ADOR. All of this happened when HYBE initiated an audit against Min Hee-jin, the CEO of ADOR. The agency also accused Hee-jin and the management of devising a plan to gain complete control of the sub-label.

It was further alleged that they leaked sensitive information to external entities while attempting to tarnish the reputation of HYBE and its artists. Now, the agency itself is under fire for its alleged mistreatment of NewJeans. Fans of the group are also calling out HYBE for attempting to undermine the group’s latest comeback album.

It was a day after the release of “How Sweet” when the fans of NewJeans, also called the Bunnies, found out that the music video for the title track had been restricted on YouTube. Several of them alleged that the agency has imposed both age and country restrictions on the video.

HYBE’s response to recent allegations

On May 27, 2024, HYBE officially responded to fan allegations of restricting the “How Sweet” official music video in Korea and in a few other countries. Previously, several people reported that they weren’t able to view the official MV because of the restriction.

Here is how the agency responded, “HYBE does not set age restrictions when uploading music videos. YouTube makes that decision on its own. We have requested YouTube to explain why the video has been restricted and to resolve the issue.”

Nevertheless, a few fans continue to raise suspicions in the comment section of the same music video as the issue persists. Meanwhile, a similar view freezing issue had also happened to other HYBE artists in the past.  So, what is your take on the matter? Let us know below!

NewJeans (뉴진스) 'How Sweet' Official MV