I Am A Killer Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

I Am A Killer Season 3 has been officially renewed by Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Is I Am A Killer returning for another season? Continue reading to find out more about I Am A Killer Season 3. 

I Am a Killer is a Netflix and Crime+Investigation UK series featuring interviews with death row inmates. Considering the reviews, it was an easy decision for the network to continue the series for another season after this great reception from the viewers who loved the true crime docu-series nature of the series. It appears that the holdup for the fans won’t last too long now because we have some great news to share! 

I Am A Killer Season 3 will be available on Netflix much sooner than you might think. We’ve complied with all the information about the upcoming season. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the release date, plot, and cast, so you can get a head start on the next installment and be prepared before the series airs on Netflix. 

I Am A Killer Season 3 has been officially renewed by Netflix

Will there be another season of I Am A Killer?

Yes, I Am A Killer will be returning to your television screen for another season. The network has aired all the episodes of the prior two seasons, which last aired on January 31, 2020. After almost two years of wait, the series was renewed for a third season on July 20, 2022. 

According to Deadline, “Netflix has shown a penchant for true-crime shows in recent months, and the streamer said the first two seasons of I Am a Killer, which featured interviews with multiple Death Row inmates convicted of capital murder, had been ‘successful.’ Amazon Prime Video also is preparing to unveil a suite of UK true-crime docs over the coming months.” 

“At launch, I Am a Killer quickly became a global phenomenon, and the team at Transistor have once again pushed the boundaries to deliver a series that continues to challenge and surprise our fans around the world,” said Tipping.

I Am A Killer Season 3 Release Date

I Am A Killer Season 3 is all set to premiere sometime around late August. As per the latest reports, the official release date for the upcoming season is scheduled to premiere on August 30, 2022, with all the brand new episodes that will be available globally on Netflix. 

I Am A Killer Season 3 has been officially renewed by Netflix

I Am A Killer Season 3 Plot and Episodes

This year saw the release of an I Am a Killer book written by Transistor founder Danny Tipping, who also executive produces the show with Ned Parker. This crime documentary series provides insight into the experiences of prisoners who are on death row and offers never-before-seen material with unprecedented access to prisons around the United States. Each episode focuses on a different death row inmate who has been found guilty of a deadly crime.

The murderers describe the circumstances leading up to their crime and discuss their reasons and current perceptions of their actions. Different points of view and the prisoners’ accounts of how split-second choices altered their lives challenge viewers’ perspectives.

According to Deadline, the official plot description of the third season states that the true-crime series will follow a similar plot structure as “I Am a Killer” a show that interviews murderers on Death Row or those who are spending the majority of their lives behind bars. Sky Studios-backed Transistor Films has gained access to maximum-security prisons across the U.S. for Season 3, exploring the crimes in question through exclusive interviews with the men and women who committed them. 

Coupled with contributor interviews, the subjects will again recount the events that led them to murder, exploring their motivations and, ultimately, how they now view their crimes after time spent in some of the toughest prisons in the U.S. The six-parter will launch in late August. We’d also like to point out that, as of July 21, 2022, the exact titles for the episodes cannot be confirmed. As the network will publish those when the episodes are due to air on the streaming service. So, we would advise fans to be patient while waiting for these updates, which will be issued in the coming weeks.

I Am A Killer Season 3 Time Slot

If we take the prior season and most of the Netflix series into consideration with a bit of speculation, then the upcoming season of I Am A Killer will have the same premiere time as other shows on the streaming service, which is 12:00 AM (PT) or 3:00 AM (ET). In order to receive updates on when I Am A Killer Season 3 premieres on Netflix, interested viewers can also enable notifications.

I Am A Killer Season 3 has been officially renewed by Netflix

Where to stream I Am A Killer Season 3?

When I Am A Killer Season 3 draws close to the release date, the series will be available exclusively on Netflix, with all previous episodes of Season 1 and 2 also accessible on the streaming platform with a range of membership options. The video quality and quantity of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose. You may play mobile games and stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost with any of their services.

I Am A Killer Season 3 Official Trailer

No, the network has not released any trailer or promo for I Am A Killer Season 3, as it is way too early for the network to release such promo material when a renewal update has been provided recently. New trailers and teasers will be released in the coming weeks as the premiere dates draw closer. Meanwhile, check out this official trailer for I Am A Killer Season 2 below:

I AM A KILLER Season 2 (2020)

The trailer reflects on what to expect in the series, as, according to Netflix, the official synopsis states, “Death row inmates convicted of capital murder give firsthand accounts of their crimes in this documentary series.”

I Am A Killer Overall Reception

On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the series has an approval rating of 84% based on audience scores. On Metacritic, mixed or average reviews based on 11 critic reviews reflected a score of 54, while generally favorable reviews based on 30 ratings reflected a score of 7.0 out of 10. On IMDb, the overall score of the series is 7.4/10, with approximately 4,027 votes. 

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Catch up on the previous episodes while you wait for more I Am A Killer Season 3 updates.