Ice Spice’s confused look at Super Bowl 2024 with Taylor Swift goes viral

Ice Spice
Credit: Instagram

Did Ice Spice not get the memo? The ‘Barbie World’ singer found herself in the spotlight after her confused expression during the 2024 Super Bowl went viral. Seated next to Taylor Swift in a VIP suite at Allegiant Stadium, Ice Spice, also known as Isis Naija Gaston, appeared in a daze as she watched the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Videos and photos of her furrowed eyebrows and apparent confusion quickly became memes on social media. Adding to this, Swift and her friends were also seen explaining the game to the rapper at times. Viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, to tease Ice Spice’s puzzled expressions throughout the game. 

‘No idea what is going on’

“People explaining football to ice spice in every video she’s in is so real,” one Twitter user quipped. Another wrote, “Ice spice is just like me (no idea what is going on).” A user noted, “Here for a good time w the girls and drinkies !” with another agreeing, “Lmao she’s also just there for usher and the drinks, just like me.”

A fan joked, “She is me cause i dont knowing what be going on,” while another added, “She’s was just there for Taylor.” Others joined in on the fun, with one tweet, saying, “I love watching Ice Spice’s confused reactions! Ice Spice be like, ‘What’s a touchdown? Is that like a really good dance move?'” 

Adding a different perspective, one fan pointed out, “Her brother is a High School QB getting D1 offers. She likely knows what’s going on,” referring to Ice Spice’s football player brother, Joey Gaston.

Ice Spice slammed for making ‘Satanic’ hand signs

Ice Spice also sparked controversy online for wearing an upside-down cross pendant and making ‘Satanic’ hand signs during the event. Moreover, viewers pointed out that her skintight black top was from Balenciaga, a luxury brand that faced criticism for its controversial campaigns featuring children in 2022.

Fans branded Ice Spice making horn symbols with her hands as “demonic.” A tweet read, “Nothing to see here, just Taylor Swift’s guest Ice Spice throwing up demonic signs while wearing an upside down cross making sure the world sees it on the big screen.” Another user stated, “You called it. People ask why I don’t like them. I can feel their bad energy from a world away.”

A fan pointed out, “Notice the Balenciaga logo on the neck of her shirt?” A tweet read, “What in heaven’s name is going here? It looks like Taylor Swift’s guest, Ice Spice, throwing up demonic signs while wearing an upside down cross, making sure the world sees it on the big screen with Balenciaga on her sleeve.”