Illinois woman stabs ex-husband to death during squabble


Divorce can be a messy affair, especially if there is a child involved. There is the entire saga of who gets child custody, which might end up in a heated argument or two if the parties meet without attorneys present. However, nothing should go beyond mere banter, especially not stabbing each other and committing murder.

People reported the unfortunate incident whereby an Illinois woman, Alexis Stallman, pleaded guilty to stabbing her ex-husband to death following a custody hearing last year, according to local reports. And now the child ends up with both parents taken away from them.

KFVSWSIL, and WJPF cite a statement from the Jackson County State’s Attorney via People that Stallman pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of her ex-husband, Edward Stallman. According to the state’s attorney in a previous press release, the police stated to People that on 20 July 2022, she went to the worksite of her ex-husband, where they entered an altercation concerning the custody of their child. Additionally, Edward was an Illinois Department of Transportation worker.

KFVS reported via People that Edward was found with a picture wound to his chest after the stabbing incident took place, and Alexis’ car was found at the crime scene with a bloody knife in her purse. KFVS reported that Alexis was going into trial in November but pleaded guilty before that, and she will now be sentenced in January.