Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Is it renewed or canceled?

Indian Matchmaking Season 3
Credits: Netflix

Is Indian Matchmaking Season 3 renewed? Read on to find out.

Indian Matchmaking Season 2 premiered on Netflix on August 10. Whether you enjoy the show or not, some of you might be curious if the streaming service has approved the third season, given the hype but also the hate it received.

Indian Matchmaking is a Netflix reality series that is probably despised by most yet enjoyed by all. In 2020, the first season was released to mixed reviews, with some condemning the show’s depiction of sexism and gender stereotypes.

Producing the show is Smriti Mundhra. Sima Taparia, the show’s protagonist and a marriage counselor from Mumbai, combines the individuals’ tastes, those of their parents, and her years of experience in matching pair individuals with the intention of a happy arranged marriage.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3
Credits: Netflix

Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Renewed or Canceled?

Sima Aunty received a vote of confidence from Netflix months before Indian Matchmaking Season 2 even put her abilities to the test. The streaming platform revealed on March 24 that Indian Matchmaking has been renewed for a third season, which would be “coming soon.” The last few minutes of the Season 2 conclusion, which featured the introduction of a new client and Sima arriving at London’s Tower Bridge, served as a glimpse of what is to come.

The third season is still under production, but it will probably follow the precedent set by the first two: Taparia will work with clients from all over the world, says creator and producer Smriti Mundhra.

As reported by Today, Mundhra said, “It’ll be similar to Season Two in that the idea is to always keep expanding on the conversations that the show brings up in organic ways.”  She also added, “We’ll stick with characters whose journeys are continuing audiences, then also introduce new people that audiences can fall in love with.”

Indian Matchmaking Season 3
Credits: Netflix

What happened in Indian Matchmaking Season 2?

The second season consists of 8 episodes, each an hour long, that follow single millennials searching for love all across the world. Mundhra is managing more demands from her old and new clients this season than ever before. Man-buns, an “ovo-lacto-semi-vegetarian” diet, and a mutual love of Taco Bell are all on the wishlists. In an effort to achieve success, the marital consultant, according to Netflix, uses her many years of experience, astute intuition, and conventional approaches.

Indian Matchmaking: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix India

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 release date

As of when this is being written, Netflix hasn’t announced or hinted at the possible release date of Indian Matchmaking Season 3.

Will this be the final season of Indian Matchmaking?

Though nothing can be said about Indian Matchmaking, for now, the “matchmaking” season isn’t even close to an end for sure.

Jewish Matchmaking, a new spinoff of the Indian Matchmaking series, was also revealed by Netflix in March. The program will follow singles in Israel and America as they look for love through the shidduch custom, an arranged union popular in Orthodox Jewish communities.

According to Mundhra, “There is a universality in the specificity.” She also adds, “Everybody can see something in this show, everyone can relate to it … it just was obvious at that point to look for that universal specific in other communities and in other places.”

“In every culture, (matchmaking) brings up tension between generations and it brings up this sort of internal question like, ‘What do I want, what am I seeking?’ And just from a storytelling perspective, that’s so rich,” she told Today. “I love being able to also use the shows as an opportunity to normalize and humanize other cultures so it’s not presented as some exotic social issue kind of thing. We’re all after the same thing: love and companionship. We just do it in different ways.”

Indian Matchmaking Season 3
Credits: Netflix

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