Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far

Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far about the much-anticipated third season
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When is the drama series expected to return for another season? Read on to find out more about Industry Season 3. 

There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that the second season’s finale episode, Jerusalem, left the fans wondering if the show would get an early renewal or not. This series has captured the interest of the viewers, and it won’t be scrapped suddenly. We’ll get straight to the point as we have great news to share with you:

Yes, much to the dearest fans’ happiness, the beloved gang will be back at Pierpoint & Co. for a third season, as the series was renewed for a third season back in October 2022.

The second season has a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 25 reviews, with an average rating of 8.10/10. The website’s critics’ consensus reads, “Finessing complicated financial jargon into scathing repartee, Industry‘s stock is way up in this superlative sophomore season full of frustrated ambitions and tested loyalties.”

Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far about the much-anticipated third season

On the other hand, Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, the second season has assigned a score of 82 out of 100 based on 9 critics, indicating “Universal acclaim.” This is exciting as the holdup for the fans won’t last too long now because we have all the details to share!

So, if you want to know everything relating to when the new season is going to be released, then you’ve come to the right place! To curb all your doubts, we’ve compiled a list of all the things you should look forward to for the time being while you recap the previous episodes of the beloved series.

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Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far about the much-anticipated third season

Industry Season 3: What to expect in the new season?

We know that the excitement among the loyal fans has been incredible! But we want to shed some light on the fact that the exact release date of the upcoming season hasn’t been confirmed yet. It has been speculated that the release window might be sometime in the early months of 2024. As, the production has been reported to begin this month in the UK on Season 3, which will be comprised of eight episodes, the mentioned release window is suitable for an ideal premiere.

In season three, as Pierpoint looks to the future and takes a big bet on ethical investing, the desks find themselves front and center in the splashy IPO of Lumi, a green tech energy company, in a story that runs all the way to the very top of finance, media, and government. Kathleen McCaffrey, Senior Vice President, of HBO Programming is also on board with the third season, quoting, “We couldn’t be more excited to continue our journey with them into season three.”

The main cast members who are expected to return include Myha’la Herrold, Marisa Abela, Harry Lawtey, David Jonsson, Ken Leung, Conor MacNeill, Alex Alomar Akpobome, Indy Lewis, Katrine de Candole, Jay Duplass, Sonny Poon Tip, and Adam Levy. The recurring cast includes Sarah Parish, Nicholas Bishop, Sagar Radia, Mark Dexter, and Caoilfhionn Dunne. Moreover, the Game of Thrones star, Kit Harington, will be joining season 3 as Henry Muck, the CEO, and founder of Lumi.

Industry is created, written, and executive produced by Mickey Down & Konrad Kay; written and executive produced by Jami O’Brien. The series is a Bad Wolf Production for HBO/BBC and is executive produced by Jane Tranter, David P. Davis, Ryan Rasmussen, and Ben Irving for BBC; produced by Edo Ferretti. Additional writers include Matthew Barry, Zara Meerza, Joseph Charlton, and Charly Evon Simpson. Directors include Birgitte Stærmose, Isabella Eklöf and Caleb Femi. 

Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far about the much-anticipated third season

Industry Season 3 Episodes and Streaming Options

The new season is officially confirmed to have eight episodes with a runtime of 49 to 52 minutes, which will be released on a weekly basis. On the other hand, the exact titles and synopsis of the third series are not released by the network. But, we are certain it will be published once the new episodes are due to air on the streaming service. So, we would advise fans to be patient while waiting for these updates, which will be issued in the coming months.

The series will air on HBO Max in the United States and will be available to stream in 4K resolution on HBO Max and on BBC Two in the UK. Moreover, membership on the platform costs $10 per month (or $100 per year) for the ad-supported plan and $15 per month (or $150 per year) for the ad-free option. It is also available to stream by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. The viewers can select membership plans as per their preferences and enjoy the series!

Industry Season 3: Everything we know so far about the much-anticipated third season

Industry Season 2: A Quick Recap

Season two of Industry was declared by The Atlantic as “the most thrilling show on TV” and an “emergent masterpiece… with cinematic confidence and killer acting.” GQ hailed it as “The First Great Gen Z Workplace Drama” while Vanity Fair lauded it as “the missing link between ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Succession,'” and Vogue praised it for “the most exciting performances on television.”

The AV Club called it a “sensational and impeccable second season” and “one of the best workplace series of the 21st century.” In the second season of Industry gives an insider’s view of the black box of high finance following a group of young bankers as they forge their identities within the pressure cooker environment and sex and drug-fueled blitz of international bank Pierpoint & Co’s London office.

Our grads are no longer allowed to hide behind their graduate status. The market is ripping, and Pierpoint’s back to work or else mandate has the trading floor more charged up and paranoid than ever. New U.S. management will be gasoline on the flames – an injection of cross-Atlantic energy that lights a fire under each and every employee.

Now Harper (Herrold), Yasmin (Abela), and Robert (Lawtey) must drive new business and make new alliances both in and out of the office as Pierpoint and its junior bankers seek to take every advantage in a post-COVID world. In the meantime, check out the official trailer of the second season to recall the events which have transpired so far in the previous season: 

Industry - Series 2 | Trailer - BBC

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