Inside Job Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?

Inside Job Season 2
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All of us are aware of some or the other conspiracy theories, be it the earth being flat, the existence of the Illuminati and the new world order, the fact that we might have already contacted other planetary life, but the government doesn’t want us to know, life under the Earth’s surface, Loch Ness monster, deep state, or us living in an artificially stimulated environment as test subjects by a far superior entity, and the list just goes on and on. Most of us might find a lot of these theories as absurd as possible. However, there are people who believe in them with their whole hearts.

So, in case there is a world where all of it is true, and there is an organization responsible for keeping it covered up, what would life be in such a workplace? That is the story of Inside Job. Created by Shion Takeuchi, the first season premiered back in October 2021. Since then, fans have been pondering the possibilities of a second season or the second part of the first season, which is probably coming out soon. 

Inside Job Season 2

Here’s everything we know about Inside Job Season 2:

Will there be Season 2 of Inside Job?

The renewal status of Inside Job Season 2 is pending as we are still expecting details for Inside Job Season 1 Part 2. Though that is not confirmed too, the initial announcement reportedly said that the order contained 20 episodes, but only 10 have been released. So, we expect that the rest 10 will be released as the second part shortly. 

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

Inside Job Season 2

No confirmation has been made in terms of the release date of Inside Job Season 2. It can be expected after the release of Season 1 Part 2, which will take another few months or so. Hence, the earliest it can hit the screens is sometime in 2023. 

Inside Job Season 2 Trailer

As there is no renewal confirmation, there is no new trailer as well. However, do take a look at the trailer of Season 1, in case you haven’t watched it yet or want to revisit all the craziness it has. 

Inside Job | Official Trailer | Netflix

Inside Job Season 2 Cast

Though there have been no announcements regarding cast confirmation, we expect the following main characters to be back and the cast to reprise their roles from the previous installments:

  • Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley

Reagan is a robotics engineer who works at Cognito Inc. She is brilliant at what she does, however, gets pointed out each time for her socially awkward behavior. She takes her job pretty seriously and wants to make the world a better place. 

  • Christian Slater as Randall “Rand” Ridley

He is Raegan’s father and, at one point, was the CEO of Cognito Inc. However, he got fired because of his negligence when the Deep State almost got busted because of him. Even after the blunder, he was given his position back by the end of the season as he held the most number of shares in the company. He is an alcoholic and really paranoid by nature. 

  • Clark Duke as Brett Hand

He seems to like what one can call an insincere flatterer; however, he cares for his friends and colleagues and wants to bring out the best in everyone. He is hired by the firm to look over Raegan as she was considered unfit to lead based on her lacking social skills. 

  • Tisha Campbell as Gigi

Gigi is the PR officer and is the Head of Media Manipulation and Subliminal Messages at the same time. Though she seems like someone who knows what she does, she is the queen of office gossip. 

  • Andy Daly as J.R. Scheimpough

He is the current CEO of Cognito Inc. He has a very peculiar personality, and he can always talk his way out of the most precarious of situations.

Inside Job Season 2 Fandom

It goes without saying that the fans are extremely excited for Inside Job Season 2, and these tweets are proof.

Inside Job Season 1 Recap

Inside Job Season 2

Inside Job is an animated workplace comedy set in the world where the most insane conspiracy theories are true, be it anthropomorphic animals, deep states, robotic presidents, mushroom people from the hollow earth, and whatnot. The story is based in the office of Cognito Inc, the American shadow government organization that controls the world from the shadows and makes sure people believe what they want them to believe. 

With reptilian shapeshifters, human-animal hybrid supersoldiers, creatures from the hollow earth, and anthropomorphic animals, tech genius Reagan Ridley strives in the path of making the world a better place despite her questionable social skills. 

Where to watch Inside Job?

Inside Job is streaming only on Netflix.

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