Inside Rosé’s Fashionable Arsenal: Exploring the contents of BLACKPINK’s iconic star’s bag

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BLACKPINK’s Rosé is adored by fans around the world, and her captivating charm continues to win hearts. As a global fashion icon and one-fourth of the sensational girl group, Rosé’s style choices always grab attention. Recently, she gave fans an intimate glimpse into her world by revealing the contents of her bag. From essential items to statement accessories, Rosé’s bag reflects her personality, taste, and relatability. Let’s explore the fashionable arsenal she carries daily.

A Reflection of Rosé’s Personality and Taste


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Rosé’s bag is more than a mere accessory; it embodies her unique personality and taste. As the global brand ambassador for Saint Laurent, Rosé’s bag reveals her innate charm and style choices. Despite her fame, Rosé embraces everyday aspects that connect her with fans worldwide. Balancing between being a minimalist and a maximalist, she flawlessly showcases her personal fashion sense.

Must-Have Items in Rosé’s Bag

Surprisingly, Rosé opts for corded earbuds instead of wireless ones, as she admits to not being good at charging things. She keeps her earbuds in a case that she considers an absolute must-have in her bag at all times, recommending it to fellow wired earbud users.

Statement Accessories

Rosé loves adding a touch of glam to her outfits with statement accessories. Her favorite pair of sunglasses and a sleek designer wallet are among her go-to accessories. She owns a collection of spectacles, including enormous YSL sunglasses and a more conventional pair for everyday use. Her prescription glasses are always with her, as she prefers wearing them while flying due to dry eyes caused by contact lenses.

Beauty Essentials for the On-the-Go Star

Rosé stays photo-ready by carrying acne patches and blotting pads for any unforeseen skin issues. She finds acne patches “fun” and appreciates their effectiveness in handling pimples. To combat oil and shine, she keeps blotting paper with mattifying powder handy, ensuring she looks her best for the numerous photos she encounters.

Rosé’s Unique Food Item

Rosé keeps spice packets from “extremely spicy ramen noodles” in her bag to add an extra kick to any cuisine.
This reveals her love for bold flavors and her readiness to spice up her meals whenever necessary.

Fashion Staples and Personal Touches

Rosé carries a special pouch for essential items like hair ties and safety pins, allowing her to tackle wardrobe malfunctions with ease. This attention to detail ensures that her clothing appears custom-tailored, enhancing her overall fashion aesthetic.


Rosé’s bag provides a window into her personal style and life. Each item she carries holds meaning and reflects her unique personality. By sharing the contents of her bag, Rosé allows fans to connect with her on a more intimate level. Her authenticity and willingness to share her personal experiences, alongside her role as a global fashion and music icon, are evident. Exploring the fashionable arsenal within Rosé’s bag deepens our understanding of who she is beyond her musical talents.