Invincible Season 2: What we know so far

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“I m gonna blast that smile off your stupid, green face.” If you recognised the quote and got the comic, pat your back. Comic adapted into films and series is rare, but a possibility with OTT platforms and their intent to experiment with matured animations that can engage their audiences at all levels.

While Marvel and DC are taking the world by storm with their full length franchises, the show invincible is not much behind. The word invincible refers to an adjective that means “too strong or powerful to be defeated” and this show has stood that definition quite well. Despite not coming from a backup like the MCU, it has made a remarkable name in the comic adaptation to series world and Amazon Prime Video has just contributed to its success by providing it good exposure and a chance to grow.

When it premiered in 2021, fans went gaga and finished binge watching this show real quick. While they kept waiting for a season two, the updates have just come in. Let us know about Invincible season 2, the plot, trailer, renewal status and more.

Invincible Season 2 Renewal Status:

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The show has been officially renewed for a season 2, earlier itself and creator Robert Kirkman made it clearer in Comic Con, while giving an exclusive to Collider. He says and we quote, “With everything going on in that time of year with, you know, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and a lot of family time, I think a lot of shows get lost in the shuffle there. So I think it’s good to take a pause and narratively, it’s gonna make things hit a little bit harder. People will know what I’m talking about when the season launches.”

Invincible Season 2 Release Date:

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The show will be dropping in two parts, with part one premiering on November 3, 2023 and part two in mid 2024. The date for part two is still not confirmed.

Invincible Season 2 Expected Plot:


The cast and crew includes,

  • Created by-Robert Kirkman
  • Feature Art-Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley
  • Steven Yeun as Invincible
  • JK Simmons as Omni Man
  • Mark Hamill as Art Rosebaum
  • Michael Cudlitz as Josef
  • Seth Rogen as Allen the Alien
  • Zachary Quinto as Rudy Conners
  • Gillian Jacobs as Samantha Eve
  • Lauren Cohan as Holly/War Woman

Invincible Season 2 Expected Plot:

Invincible - Season 2 Teaser | Prime Video

The show follows the adventures of Mark Grayson who has discovered his powers and wants to master them. He is the son of Earth’s strongest defender Omni Man and has a burden to be unbeatable. He is an underdog as he is mediocre unlike his father which brings him criticism. But he forgets along with his perseverance, his true strength is that he is invincible. Omni Man is gone after battling Mark, so now there is no one to protect the Earth. Will Mark, invincible and the new Guardians of the Globe protect the Earth? What will happen when Mark finds his father’s truth? Kirkman also adds, “The overarching story of Invincible that’ll continue from season to season is about the growth and change that Mark goes through as he moves from a teenager into adulthood… and possibly even into old age. So in season 2, we’ll see him maturing and growing up a little bit.”

Is there a trailer for Invincible Season 2?

Invincible - Season 2 Teaser Trailer | Prime Video

There has been a teaser and a teaser-trailer which was officially released in San Diego Comic Con. We also see the first look being shared with us in January 2023. Watch the teaser and trailer above.

Where to watch Invincible?

Invincible Season 2: The series will not be coming to Prime Video in April 2022
Credit: IMDb

The show can be officially streamed on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription.