Is Alaska Daily Season 2 canceled?

'Alaska Daily' canceled after one season at ABC

Journalists are known to be the fourth pillar of a democracy. True and fierce journalism has led to world-class level coverage and even helped unearth scandals. One can remember the Watergate Scandal or reportage around the Zodiac Killer.

With the United States of America ranking amongst the best countries in press freedom, journalists have power and can make changes. For ages, newspapers like The New York Times or The Washington Post have come up with good investigative reports and provided us with great insights. Surprisingly, most of the investigative reporters in the USA are women, which shows how well-dignified and codified the job is.

But what happens when you lose your credibility, respect, and will to live to one story? Such stories come and destroy you forever. But not for Eileen Fitzgerald, who wanted to find a new life for herself. Alaska is a famous city not just covered in the show Alaska Daily, but it also found a place in John Green’s novel, ‘Looking for Alaska’. With the first season of Alaska Daily being a hit and fans curious for more, let us see if the show would return for a second season.

Is Alaska Daily Season 2 canceled?

'Alaska Daily' canceled after one season at ABC

The American Broadcasting Company(ABC) has been the official network and producer for the show Alaska Daily. It was confirmed that the show had been canceled and would not find a second season happening. The reasons are as follows,

  • Not a good amount of fan following was garnered by the show
  • Did not get enough viewership
  • View-cost ratio impacted
  • High costs of production involved shooting in cities like New York
  • The SAG-AFTRA and Writer’s Guild of America Strikes, not giving ABC a chance to renew many shows, leading to multiple cancelations in the fall
  • ABC canceled two more shows for similar reasons on the same day, namely Big Sky and The Company You Keep
Alaska Daily Season 1 Trailer

Fans are now wondering if this show can be picked up by another network and reworked for a second season. Yes. There are hopes of renewal as content around this genre is limited. Maybe the plot can change, but the characters can be retained if platforms like Netflix, NBS, Disney+Hotstar, or Hulu take the show up. The show, if taken up by them, can even be tweaked to give a semi-documentary style with a reduced number of episodes. But no official announcements lie around the same.

Alaska Daily Season 2: Is it renewed or canceled?
Credit: ABC

The show follows award-winning investigative reporter Eileen Fitzgerald, who moves to Alaska for a new life and joins a local newspaper there after her life in New York falls apart. This transition from a hi-fi and high profile to being in Anchorage, where she is not initially treated that well, sets her on a journey of personal and professional redemption. Here, she is investigating a cold case regarding indigenous women with no details that meet the eye. The investigation leads her to the underworld of the city, which lands Eileen in danger. But she is good at inviting and handling them. What happens when she unearths secrets that were best buried? Watch this show on ABC Network with 11 episodes.