Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?
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Is the thrilling and mind-bending world of Alice in Borderland in jeopardy? Want to know more? Continue reading to find out about the series renewal status.

There is no doubt that many fans are ready as they highly anticipated the show’s official return with another thrilling and mind-bending season, which is based on the manga by Haro Aso, as it has already won over audiences with its unique blend of Japanese science fiction and thriller genres. Hence, we know that there is a huge demand for the show, which has spiked more than ever since its inception in the last couple of months, as fans are becoming concerned about the series’ future due to a lack of updates about its renewal and production status. 

This has caused one major question on everyone’s mind, “Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled or not?” to pop all over the web, and it’s fair to say that this query has been lurking behind the minds of the audience for a while now, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible in order to avoid adding more fuel to the rumors being spread all over social media. So, if you want this raging question to be answered, then we can assure you that you have reached the right place to learn more about all the latest renewal details about the highly anticipated third season. 

To curb all your worries, we have listed everything we know so far about Netflix’s Alice in Borderland Season 3. 

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Renewal Status: Has it been approved or not?

Let’s clear the air by stating that as of writing this, there has been no official statement from Netflix regarding the renewal of the third season, which is quite surprising considering that it has been months since the second season premiered almost a year ago on December 22, 2022! Due to this, many concerns among the fandom have started to skyrocket as to why such a delay has been happening, especially when the series was acclaimed for its strong performance and high viewership in many countries, which resulted in Netflix quickly renewing the prior seasons.

Usually, when the renewal isn’t considered within a month, it can take a while after the initial premiere. So, it’s quite understandable why the series has not been renewed, but it does leave the fans a bit worried about the future of the show when the story ended in a way that completed the arc from the manga, and there is little to no time left for the fall streaming season to fully commence on the streaming platform, which makes one think that the renewal, unfortunately, might not get announced anytime soon!

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Moreover, it’s very likely that the decision to renew the third season will come down to the show’s creator’s hands, considering that if there is more to the story, then the chances of its renewal aren’t completely off the table, which might justify another season, and for the time being, the series has not officially been canceled. We speculate that Netflix won’t back down this easily by scrapping such a popular franchise with just two seasons and not at least trying to turn it into a trilogy. Hence, there is a chance that the series will not get scrapped prematurely.

At last, it might get the chance to complete the overall story that it has been building for years among the fans with its captivating storyline and well-developed characters. It’s evident that the creators and producers recognize the immense popularity of the show, which ensures that viewers can continue to immerse themselves in its gripping narrative to conclude the show on a good note. Until there is any confirmation, fans can continue to enjoy the show and speculate about what more plotlines might be explored in a potential third season if it gets renewed in the near future. 

We also urge readers to keep a closer eye on social media to get all the latest updates because if we look at the state of any recent renewal prospects, then it seems very unlikely any new updates will be released this month, let alone in the remaining months of 2023! Hence, fans should wait for the streaming platform to formally verify and acknowledge this information. As we understand your anticipation of knowing what’s next in the tale, you should know that the network may assess its performance and reception before renewing the series for future seasons, and it takes some time. 

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Release Date: If renewed, when will it premiere on Netflix?

As stated above, the series has not been formally renewed, due to which the premiere date has yet to be announced, as the status is neither here nor there. So, if, by any chance, the show is renewed within the next few weeks, then we can predict that the potential release date can be around late 2024 or even 2025, as early renewal results in production starting on a timed schedule, resulting in a similar year gap with the next installments. In order to receive updates on when Alice in Borderland Season 3 gets approved by Netflix, interested viewers can also enable notifications.  

Until then, fans should keep a close eye on the social media handles of the show to learn about any new updates! While we understand your anticipation surrounding the lack of updates for its return, the viewer should consider the fact that Netflix usually tends to take its time, which lasts up to months after the initial premiere, before announcing such a major renewal update. This makes the ideal time for renewal to be made in the coming months if it ever happens and moves forward! Right now, it seems unlikely that the thriller drama for Netflix will make an official comeback anytime soon. 

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Plot: What to expect?

There has been no official word from the creators about the plot of the third season, as there has been no renewal announced.

But, if renewed, the next season is expected to continue and explore the plotline further from the second season, which establishes that the Japanese sci-fi thriller Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) are trapped in Borderland, a world that exists between life and death. If they want to survive, they must play and win a series of games in order to collect numbered cards – the key to returning to their original world. However, those who lose meet a deadly fate. In the first season, we’re introduced to Usagi’s friends, their enemies, and the mastermind behind the game.

The 10 players who win the games at the end of Season 1 will be returning – but the question is, what will they face next? According to Yamazaki, things are only getting bigger and better. “We had these really large-scale scenes every day and the world of the show is bigger than ever,” he told Netflix. Tsuchiya also added, “Each shot has big set pieces, like explosions. I was able to experience it like my character Usagi, in those realistic scenes. Every day was such a valuable experience for me. I felt it was a really enjoyable time.”

Additionally, the players are seen recovering in a hospital at the end of season 2, despite the fact that they have no memory of anything or anyone. The final scene shows Arisu and Usagi interacting. Even though they don’t know each other, they have a sense of familiarity. Here is where the potential season 3 plot enters the picture. The final scene of Season 2 features a deck of cards on a table. A gust of wind blows them away, but only The Joker is left. If it happens, Season 3 will probably center on the Joker and his role in the Borderlands. It might even involve a completely new collection of games that are even more bizarre and twisted than the ones that came before them.

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Cast: Who will reprise their roles?

The cast members that will be a part of the next season have not been confirmed because there has been no official announcement of a renewal for Alice in Borderland Season 3! Due to this, one can only predict who is more likely to be a part of the show by expanding their character arcs for the upcoming chapter. Some of the cast members are as follows:

Kento Yamazaki as Ryouhei Alice/Ryohei Aris, Tao Tsuchiya as Usagi/Yuzuha Usagi, Nijiro Murakami as Chishiya/Shuntarō Chishiya, Ayaka Miyoshi as Ann/Rizuna An, Dori Sakurada as Niragi/Suguru Niragi, Aya Asahina as Kuina/Hikari Kuina, Yutaro Watanabe as Tatta/Kōdai Tatta, Tsuyoshi Abe as Kuzuryu/Keiichi Kuzuryū, Sho Aoyagi as Aguni/Morizono Aguni, and Riisa Naka as Mira/Mira Kanō. 

On the other hand, we would like to mention that this is just our prediction, and there is a chance that we can expect an entirely new cast for the third season (if renewed), with some familiar faces but not the exact main cast, as the story might completely shift from the first two seasons into expanding for additional seasons. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds!

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Official Episode Count: Where to stream?

Although the exact number of episodes for Alice in Borderland Season 3 has yet to be announced, if the series is greenlit, we can expect at least 8 episodes with a runtime of 41 to 80 minutes, similar to the previous two seasons. We would like to highlight that the number of episodes may vary depending on the theme that the show wishes to convey to the audience if this is the final season. We’d also like to emphasize that the exact titles and synopsis of these episodes have not been confirmed in order to avoid any early spoilers. 

In the meantime, interested viewers can binge-watch the first and second seasons to recall the events before streaming the new one on the streaming platform.

If renewed, Alice in Borderland Season 3, when it draws close to its release date, will be available exclusively on Netflix, with other series of the same genre also accessible on the streaming platform with a range of membership options. The video quality and the number of screens you can use to stream Netflix simultaneously depend on the package you choose. The basic membership starts at $9.99/month, and the standard membership starts at $15.49/month. You may play mobile games and stream movies and TV shows at no additional cost with any of their services.

Is Alice in Borderland Season 3 canceled?

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Official Trailer: Has it been released? 

Unfortunately, the network has not released any new teasers or trailers for the upcoming season, as the filming hasn’t begun due to no renewal confirmation by the cast or crew or even by Netflix! This makes one thing clear that no new footage from the series will be made available to the fans anytime soon. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for the second season, which holds an approval rating of 89% based on nine reviews, has an average rating of 7.1/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, and showcases:

“In season two, Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and Usagi (Tao Tsuchiya) try to unravel the mysteries of Borderland to return to the real world. In a place they believe holds the key to uncovering these mysteries, they meet allies, enemies, and the mastermind behind all of the games. Arisu and the others pit themselves against games of a scale and difficulty that exceed the first season. The remaining games are only the Jack, Queen, and King cards, but will they be able to collect them all and return to the real world?” 

Alice in Borderland: Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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