Is Barbie on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Peacock?


Everything is pink and blush as Barbie comes to reality. But where can we watch it if not at the theatres? Get to know about the cast, plot, and people’s reactions to the movie making.

Barbie is what all of us have grown up with. She’s just so perfect, right? The character that’s been portrayed is a girl who you want to be your friend. She slays every job, as a mermaid, as a chef, a popstar, a doctor, literally anything, and maybe that’s why so many in the Barbie world love her while others hate her.

Barbie has got her own glamour, and with our childhood being formed into a movie, fans cannot keep calm. Barbie, starring Margot Robbie, has been pushing its limit with marketing promotion. Every style hand-picked and carefully curated for Margot Robbie serves every event. Director Greta Gerwig has attracted attention from a particularly vast audience that isn’t even the targeted audience, and we are breaking down the buzz for you.


Barbie is in action as she enters the real world of humans from the Barbie Land. She questions her world and her existence. There are instances throughout the movie that are very detailed and carefully structured, considering the doll. The movie has shown great love towards Barbie while also dissing it in a satirical way and then there’s Ken. Well, Ken is just Ken, then he becomes douche Ken, and Ryan Gosling has amazingly portrayed the comedic character.

The movie is very different from what people would have expected from the plot. It has the entire system of IP dissing and questioning. It talks about a perspective out of the generalized arena of gender roles and away from the colorful, non-problematic world of Barbie. Barbie, with her perfect body size, finally puts the word out, questioning different body sizes, and her strong will to point out the patriarchy, self-reliance, and gender boundaries, has an underlying message in the movie.


Tickets to Barbie have been selling off at a pace, and the theatrical release is to land on 21 July 2023. Aside from all of this, Barbie is facing a hit against another film that’s been creating buzz, Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer.

Reportedly, there has been no information on Barbie’s stream on any OTT platforms, but we can already guess that the bids are strong here. However, if we have to have a potential answer, Netflix will definitely take the spot. There are already several Barbie movies available on the platform; Life in a Dreamhouse, Mermaid Power, Princess Adventure, and many more. Although this will be a bigger deal than all the previous Barbie movies available on the OTT, Netflix can continue to foster the partnership with this one as well.