Is BLACKPINK going to renew its contract with YG Entertainment? DEETS inside

Credit: Instagram

Over the past few days, there have been massive speculations about whether the BLACKPINK members will renew their contract with YG Entertainment. There is no denying that the group is currently basking in the glow of its success in present times. However, many are aware that their contract is going to expire this year. That is why the fans are eagerly waiting for the members to give their upcoming updates soon. 

The Contract Renewal – Will it Happen?

As BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment nears its end, rumors about the negotiations being far apart on contract terms have emerged, fueling anticipation among fans. Speculations have also arisen regarding Lisa’s potential departure from the company. So, it has led to concerns about the group’s future and possible disbandment. However, neither the members nor YG Entertainment have officially confirmed or denied these rumors.

YG Entertainment’s Stance

Given BLACKPINK’s immense global success, YG Entertainment is keen on retaining the group under its label. The group stands as the only distinct K-pop act associated with the company and contributes significantly to its revenue which is around 80% as of now. So, the agency seems to be determined to use all available resources to secure the contract renewal with the girl group.

Fans’ Mixed Emotions

BLACKPINK’s impending contract renewal has stirred a mix of emotions among its passionate fan base. While many fans hope for the group to continue their journey with YG Entertainment, others are intrigued by the possibility of BLACKPINK exploring other opportunities with different labels. The uncertainty surrounding the group’s future has left fans divided in their expectations and anxiously awaiting official updates.

BLACKPINK’s Global Success

Over the years, BLACKPINK has achieved remarkable global success, with appearances at Coachella, successful collaborations, and world tours. YG Entertainment undoubtedly played an important role in leading the group to stardom. However, many have expressed concerns over time about the company’s alleged controlling and toxic impact on the members’ personal lives. This has led to criticisms and discussions about the group’s future direction.


As BLACKPINK’s contract expiry date draws nearer, the uncertainties surrounding the contract renewal continue to capture the attention of fans worldwide. The impact of this decision on the group’s future and the role of YG Entertainment in shaping their career remain subjects of great interest and anticipation. For now, fans eagerly await official announcements from both the group and the entertainment company to shed light on BLACKPINK’s path ahead.